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fourteen//the black room
[June 9, 2016
12:09 pm]

The Warden muted the other cameras focusing all his attention on the most important one, the black room.

Glancing towards the calendar, Warren T.D. noted that today was the tenth day he left Zheng in darkness. A shiver ran down his spine as he remembered how close Zheng came to breaking his metal restraints. The man held a superior strength to him when he was angry.

It took four sedated needles to put him back to sleep and it almost took half a dozen officers to hold him down.

Never has a prisoner placed so much fear into him but Zheng wasn't an average prisoner. Zheng was a new type of criminal.

He was a pureblood criminal.

Zheng Leonardo Lombardi-Fiu  was the only child of Liu Fiu, daughter of former Chinese Triad boss, and Carmine Mariano Lombardi, former Italian Mafia Don.

He carried the bloodline of former Mafia/Triad bosses, he was born to be a killer.

He carried the bloodline of former Mafia/Triad bosses, he was born to be a killer

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^^^^Zheng parent's Liu and Carmine

Ten days.

Two hundred and forty hours since Zheng was left in darkness and isolation. Any normal person would go crazy over being in isolation.

However, Zheng wasn't normal, it didn't bother him, he was used to being alone. Zheng just stared at the walls eyes trailing over every brick, every crack and mark from previous prisoners.

"Unlock, room 609! The black room!" an voice filled the room as the mechanical cracking of the door opened. Zheng didn't turn to look or did he care about the footsteps that approached him.

The guard's footsteps filled the room as he walked towards Zheng. A simple tray of oatmeal was placed down in front of Zheng on his chained body.

Zheng ignored the tray and the officer looking at the black walls more. Leaning over the guard undid the chains on Zheng's wrists before yanking his body away.

He knew what Zheng was capable of with handcuffs and without them made him ten times more dangerous

Zheng watched with blank eyes as the guard quickly removed the cuffs from him. The fear was the only evident on his ugly mug. It almost made Zheng smirk, almost.

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