One Direction Dirty Stories

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Niall Horan:

*your POV*

You and Niall have been dating for about a year now and you were still a virgin. You were 17 and he was 19, and things were getting serious.

"Niall?" you ask one night, tugging on his shirt as you guys are watching a soccer (football) match.

"Hmm?" he asks, pausing the tv and looking over at you.

You couldn't find the words so you just lean up and kiss him. He's taken aback by your actions, but he kisses back slowly, moving his hand toward your thigh, gripping the outside softly. You pull away and trail your fingers up his chest, tugging at his shirt as he smirks and takes it off.

You bite your lip at the look of his chest and wrap your fingers in his as he leans over to kiss you again. This time, he lays down on top of you, taking his free hand and holding the back of your neck.

He looks down and whispers, "We have to take this somewhere more romantic." He stands up and picks you up wuth your legs wrapped around his as he carries you upstairs to the bedroom.

*Niall's POV*

'God she is beautiful,' you think as you set her down on the bed, pulling her shirt off and staring at her body.

You then quickly go at her chest and her stomach with open mouth kisses and love bites, undoing her bra and suckling on her round 34C breasts, massaging the other with you hand as soft moans escape her lips and she whispers 'Niall, Niall'.

*your POV*

He bites down on your nipple hard and you whimper, as he kisses it slowly and trails his fingers down to the hem of your shorts, unbuttoning them and pulling your pants and panties down as well. He stares at your soaking wet pussy as he enters a finger and starts massaging your clitoris with his thumb, sending convulsions through your body. He then enters another finger, going faster and faster as you release yourself onto his fingers as he licks it all up.

You're then panting after receiving your first orgasm, but he's not done. He pulls his pants and boxers down, revealing his large member. You get up to get on your knees to suck it, but he stops you and whispers, "Tonight it's all about you, babygirl."

He gets on top of you as you're laying on your back, looking deep into his eyes as he kisses you and whisper, "It'll only hurt for a minute, baby, just squeeze my hand if you want me to stop." He then grips your hand and you wrap your fingers in his as her presses into you, going painfully slow as you hear your hymen rip. You let out a near silent cry as he pushes farther into you. You squeeze slightly, and he looks down on you, and you shake your head, telling him not to stop.

Eventually, the pleasure replaces pain as you lose your grip on his hand and he's slowly thrusting in and out of you, running his fingers up and down your sides, every movement sending shivers through your body.

His pace quickens as you start to moan out his name, arching your back slightly each time he goes inside.

He then lifts your legs so they're on his shoulders so he can press deeping inside of you, and he does. Each press gives him complete access to you G-spot and you're in euphoria. Suddenly, you feel your body start to tremble as you whisper, "Babe, I'm g-gonna c-c-cum."

He looks down on you with big eyes and mumbles, "On the count of three. One," he pauses. "Two." Another pause.

"Three," he whispers, sending both of you over the edge, feeling his warm liquids fill your insides as he pulls out and kisses you all over your body and whispers, "God, you're so perfect."

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