7 Minutes In Heaven! (Naruto Style) -Sasuke

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It was another one of Naruto's crazy parties he held on Saturday evenings, and he always played 7 Minutes In Heaven with the hope getting in the closet with Sakura. You were sat in competition with Sasukra and Ino, all hoping to get Sasuke Uchiha. You really liked him, but he hated you. More than he hated Sakura and Ino.

During your childhood, you and Sasuke were as close as two children could get, then when the whole criteria with his clan being massacred, it changed him. Almost as if his soul was killed with his clan. He was never the same, it seemed you got the worst of it from him.  He loathed you, you didn't know why, whenever you had tried to confront him, he just blew you off or told you to leave him alone. So you left for 2 years, and when you came back, he had changed, but this time, it wasn't his personality. It was his looks. You were head over heels for him. Upon returning, he didn't even remember who you were. You were hurt. But whatever, you knew you and him had no chance, but you thought it would be cool just to irritate Sakura and Ino.

Naruto violently thrust the hat of coloured cards in your face,"Take your pic ____" He grinned at you. You smiled and took out a dark blue card that had spots of blood on it. You were confused. But you had no time for confusion, you were already shoved into the closet, blindfolded and waiting for your mystery guy who had a thing for dabbing blood on paper...

The door opened and you removed your blindfold, instantly you recognised the silhouette. It was the guy you wished for. You had Sasuke! But you then sighed sadly when reality hit you hard in the face, Sasuke would rather die than kiss you. You slid down the wall until you were on the floor. "Well, this is obvious. You're not gonna kiss me, and we're in here for 7 minutes..." You muttered. 

Sasuke turned the lights on and came to sat beside you, but not too close,"I have something to tell you _____..." 

"That you hate me and would rather swallow down non-diluted bleach and slit open your wrists than date me? Yep, you've told me many times before. So many times that it repeats in my head every time I hear your voice..." It was true. Sasuke had said that to you at least 4 times. He was a real jerk to you, but you didn't know if it was it mesmerising onyx eyes, his sexy deep voice or his perfect lips that kept you loving him. Whatever it was, it kept you coming back for him.

"I haven't started yet so listen." He sighed, "The truth is that...I well, I don't hate you. It's the complete opposite...I'm no good with this stuff so I'll just come straight out with it. _____, I love you."

Words couldn't describe how you felt at that moment in time, you wanted to break done and cry, you wanted to run around laughing, you wanted to hug Sasuke, instead. You sat there, you didn't look at him because you were also so mad at him. It had taken him all that time to tell you he loves you, after telling you all of those hateful comments, blowing you off and constant blanking you. He had made you feel completely worthless and though you loved him, you hated him.

"_____, I'm so sorry for the way I treated you, I didn't know what to do back when I was younger, I didn't to seem useless and weak so I didn't accept your help or your offers. I got carried away. By the time you were walking away from what I had said, it was too late to apologise to you.  When you came back, I don't know what was wrong with me. I never hated you, I want you to know that ______." He admitted slowly. You looked right into his deep eyes, you could feel his hurt and sorrow. You felt as if it should be you who was saying sorry to him. You weren't sure what for, but you felt the need.

"It's ok, Sasuke. I understand. You had a lot going on, too much to have some annoying girl bugging you all the time." You smiled,"I'm glad you love me, because, I love you. I don't want to be just some annoying girl, I want to be your annoying girl."

Sasuke smirked,"Alright then, ____, would you like to be my girlfriend? Forever and always?" HE 

"Yes, I would love that very much." Sasuke slowly kissed you, passionately. You had both yearned to feel each other's kiss, to feel the way your mouths fit together like puzzle pieces. You began to feel your cheeks heat up and you screamed internally. This was the best moment of both of your lives.

When the door flung open after what seemed forever, Sakura and Ino were stood at the door glaring with pure hatred at you. "Seven minutes is up!" Naruto called over their raging shoulders.  You and Sasuke were still kissing so you pulled him in some more to irritate the two fangirls. When Sasuke pulled away you smirked at them, took Sasuke's hand and walked out. Once out, you sat on his lap and stayed there for the rest of the night. There was nowhere else you'd rather be, than in his arms.

When you two got old older, you got married and had managed to work up the money to afford a mansion somewhere in the country side, you also had a cute little son called kanamura( meaning: fire village). 

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