Chapter 2: Dressing up for a pleasant surprise

After competing at many other booths (where Emily, unfortunately, won quite often), participating in some lottery and buying some candy floss, we decided to go home.

We walked to the subway station, passing many brick-buildings on our way. Once there we took the Q-train into Manhattan, before switching and taking another one to the area we lived in.

We had both moved here for over a year ago, living just a few blocks from each other. Our parents had run an advertizing company together back in Brooklyn. After a few years they had had a major breakthrough, resulting in that both Emily and I moved to Upper East Side and that our parents now had offices in Midtown together.

Since Emily and my parents were business partners, we had become friends at a quite young age. I knew, however, that we would have found each other in our old school anyway. Our friendship was one that could never be replaced, and that would always be there.

Emily got out of the train a few stations before mine, calling that she would see me soon. She was just going to eat and then get her outfit and make-up for tonight, before coming over to me to get ready.

Entering the apartment building we lived in, I went up a few floors and made my way to our door.

I unlocked the door and let myself in, calling, "I'm home!"

Taking off my warm winter jacket, I threw it on the hanger, giving myself a mental high-five when it landed and hung perfectly. I had always wanted an old-fashioned hat like Charlie Chaplin's so that I could throw it too, but for the moment my knitted hat would have to do.

Throwing it, it hit the hanger before falling down. Grumbling to myself, I went over and picked it up, hanging it securely.

Kovu pranced up to me, seeming to snort at my clumsiness. I quickly scooped him up, receiving a protesting wail from him at my "rough" handling. He was such a baby sometimes.

Let me explain. Kovu was my five-year-old cat. Yes, he was named after a character from The Lion King, but that just made it cool. He was normal-sized with beautiful brown and black-striped fur. He reminded a bit of an African wild-cat, and judging by his self-righteous attitude, he knew it. Despite that though I loved my cat. He was always a good friend, and I doubted any cat could beat his swag.

“How was your day?” my mom asked once I had taken off my shoes and come to the kitchen with Kovu still in my arms. She was cooking roasted duck, my favorite meal.

“Great! Brooklyn hasn't changed one bit!” I joked.

“It's only been one year,” my mom commented, raising an eyebrow at me with an amused smile.

“A lot can happen in a year,” I retorted, raising my chin. “The economy can crash, a species can become extinct, robots can take over the world, we can all be abducted by aliens...”

“Whoa, whoa! Let's not get too ahead of ourselves!” my dad interrupted me, coming into the kitchen with a wry grin. He sat himself at the table, picking up a newspaper.

“It's possible!” I protested. “Never say never!”

Kovu, who had previously been purring under my patting, decided that he was bored by the conversation. Twisting out of my grip, he landed on his feet gracefully before strutting away.

“What are you girls planning for tonight?” my mom asked, changing the subject.

“I don't know!” I exclaimed, my previous frustration resurfacing. “All I know is that we are going to dress up and go somewhere, before watching the ball drop.”

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