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I propelled myself a few inches into the air, raising my arms up over my head. I did ten more jumping jacks and paused for a little break. Placing my hands on my waist, I breathed out. 

People were jumping around me, clapping their hands in the air. After regaining my composure, I started again.


"You're doing well, Lizzie," Christine said, patting my shoulder.

"Thank you."

After five more minutes, everyone stopped exercising.

"Relax now," Julia said.

I dried my arms with a small white towel. It was one of the hottest days of the summer and I wished I had a free supply of coke and other cold drinks. 

I gulped down cold water, quenching my thirst.

"It's so freaking hot today!"

"I'm literally melting right now," Olive said, fanning herself.

She was wearing shorts that reached her upper thigh and a light green tank top. On the other hand, I was wearing loose sweatpants and a half-sleeved T-shirt. She was wearing lesser clothes than I was and still she felt hot.

"Don't you think your shorts are too short?" I asked.

She looked down at her pale legs and then back up at me.

 She shrugged. "Nah."

"Guys, today we're going to play soccer!" Mark shouted.

"Whoever wants to be the captain, raise your hands," John said aloud.

Happily, I raised my hand. Soccer was my favorite sport to watch and I rarely missed any match and if I ever got the chance, I played it in my school field as well. My cheeks now hurt from smiling so wide.

A few people had raised their hands. I raised my hand even higher so that they could notice me. Mark rubbed his chin, trying to pick someone. After what felt like an eternity, he chose two people--a heavily built guy and a slim girl.

I let my hand fall. 

I felt bad that I wasn't selected and by looking at Mark's choice, it was clear that he chose them both based on their looks. It appeared a partial decision to me. 

"Let it go," Olive smiled.

"What choice do I have?" I shook my head.

"Now, the captains will select their teams and then we'll start the match!" Christine announced.

Everyone lined up before the two captains. The girl started first, picking a guy for her team. The same process continued for five minutes and now only three people were left--a chubby girl, a nerdy boy and me. 

I bit my lower lip. Nobody wants to be the last person to be picked.

"Um, you!" the girl selected the nerdy guy.

He adjusted his round glasses before walking over to his team.


I rolled my eyes. 

Both the captains were stupid not to select me. I knew soccer better than anyone else did in the park. Oh, but they didn't choose me because apparently, everyone had to act biased. It's beyond frustrating when you know you deserve something and you don't get that.

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