Through the woods.

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"I hate you!" You scream to your parents. "I wish I never had a daughter!" They scream back. "You're useless, lazy, and you're a bitch!" They continue. You're hurt but not shocked. This was an everyday thing. Tears roll down your cheeks and you slowly walk to the door. "Don't cry if I ever disappear." You mumble and run out the door and to the woods. Your parents never stopped you from leaving. I guess it's because they know you should come back. Should. You always have. Anyway, your going to the woods. You brought your knife. You always have. Tears were still burning down your cheeks and you were kicking, hitting, punching. Anything to let off steam. Then, you trip. You trip and land on the ground. You don't even want to get up. You just sit there and cry. Crying and screaming. After about half an hour, you finally calm down. You're just lying there on the ground thinking. 'What if I did disappear? Would they care?' You sighed. You got up and walked and walked. You felt eyes on you but looked around to see nobody. 'Maybe it was just nothing.' You think and continue. Then, a branch falls behind you. Not a twig but a whole branch. You look up. Nothing. You shrug again and turn in front of you to see two boys. Both seem to be your age. One is in a yellow jacket with a black mask on and one had a black jacket with a white mask. Your shocked. They must've fuel from the tree. You can only think one thing right now. Run. So, you run the other way as fast as you can. You hear them behind you gaining up on you. Then, you trip over a branch and fall on the ground. You scraped your knee. You hurry and turn and they're right there, breathing heavily, looking at you. "Shit." You said and passed out.

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