I'm finally here. It was a miracle when I found out that I got a full scholarship to this school and so did my brother. My dad, being my only parent and raising three kids, had it hard. Especially financially, working long hours and praying for the promotion so we could stop living paycheck by paycheck. Seeing my dad look so beat up I took over the household chores, cooking, cleaning, and taking my little brother Joey, to his school and theater practices. My dad would come back from work around five thirty and would cook if I haven't. He then would take me to the studio for my ballet classes. 

 My older brother Ace would also help take some of the burdens of my dad, but his focus was split into two dedicating more time to his band. Don't get me wrong he does help, his gigs bring in money which helps pay the bills and he is super talented at what he does. I just wished he helped in the house a little more. 

Ace is my twin. He has chestnut brown wavy hair with bright green, mischevious eyes. Ace is very well fit and with his body physique, girls are always swooning over him. Not that he pays much attention to them. He stands tall at exactly 6 feet and radiates confidence and charisma.

He also happens to be the one with a car. After working long hours at a mechanic shop, his pay was an old Mustang that he was allowed to fix up for free in the shop. And let me tell you, he did an amazing job. Ace is loud and the life of the party. There are times where he has too much fun and I have to go cover for him.

I, on the other hand, am the total opposite character wise. I also have long chestnut curly hair and bright green eyes. The difference is that I have a small splatter of freckles across my nose and an impairment with my eyes forcing me to wear contacts or glasses. And well obviously I'm a girl. I wouldn't consider myself outstandingly gorgeous but not ugly either. I have a petit physique due to ballet but my legs are definitely my favorite part of me. My legs are fit from all that bar exercise and relevès.

I started ballet when I was 3 because like every girl I wanted to be a pretty prima ballerina and my Mom being a veteran dancer herself supported my dream. But then I turn 12 and in came my rebellious stage. I realized that I love music and was pretty talented with the strings. Soon my brother and I became the life of the party and all that sweet proper discipline I got from ballet vanished. When my mom passed away, I gave up my wild partying badass days and started focusing on my dance career once again. It's as if by dancing I connect with her.

It was hard for me to adapt to life after her passing. It wasn't that I was an outcast or anything, I just kept to myself and would prefer to be alone. After all, popularity doesn't always mean you have real friends. I certainly learned that the hard way.

Joey my little brother looks exactly like us except in a smaller cuter version. Joey is a fantastic kid. He is now 9 years old and loves acting. He is very intelligent and caring and will always be there for you even when he doesn't know what is happening. 

It was hard for him because when our mother died he barely turned 6 the day before. Some kids would bully him and he would come home crying. That was one of the reasons why I wanted to come to Florida. He still now gets bullied but handles it better. Florida is a fresh start for all of us and the school here enhances all of our talents. 

Ace was reluctant to move. Unlike me who only had my studio, he had his whole life in California. What hurt me the most was that he had to leave his band. Him being the lead singer they had to break it up because his friends didn't want to continue without him (Even though I secretly knew that his so-called "friends" were looking for a new singer). After I explained we were going to be seniors in a prestige performing art school that sort of cheer him up. He also has always wanted to go to this school but now he maybe regrets it.

But the main reason we moved was because my dad finally got his promotion in his start-up company that was based in Florida. This was our opportunity to start over. After mom's death three years ago, not only did we lose her but we lost everything. No one ever expected something like this to happen so my mom had nothing to leave behind. She was the main source of income being a physiologist for dancers, and this allowed my dad to follow his dream in the start-up company. The little money we had only let us pay the mortgage for a few more months before we had to find another smaller place to rent.

Now standing right in front of my room, with its breathtaking view, thinking back to our small apartment. Wow. I use to share rooms with Ace and just a thin curtain for privacy. But now....

My room has gold walls which right away were filled with my paintings of ballerinas and white furniture. There was a king size bed in the middle aesthetically made and bookshelves for my numerous books. There is a hanging chair made of wood by the opposite corner with more bookshelves surrounding it and my record player. There were also fake plants hanging from the ceiling with fairy lights arranged in constellations. But my favorite part of the room was my view. I simply can't get over the view I will be seeing every day. One was made out of glass which gives me a glorious view of the beach and can seal my privacy with white curtains which were currently pulled back. Oh and my closet. It's a walk in closet! My walk-in closet is filled with the newest trends. My only thought was, when did all this come together so wonderfully? I know we send what little we owned a week ahead of us. 

I heard a someone coming and turned to see my dad.

"Daddy who fixed all my stuff?" I asked him.

He smiled warmly and a lady who couldn't be older than 40 came into view. She has platinum blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. She had a huge smile on her face showing her pearly white teeth. She is dressed in comfortable jeans and a big soft t-shirt.

"Daddy?" I asked

"Sweetie this is Maggie, my co-worker," Said my dad slowly. "Who also happens to be my girlfriend."

My head was spinning. My dad has a girlfriend! He's been miserable for so long but lately, I've seen him in higher spirits. She must be the reason why! Well if he's happy then I'm happy for him! 

I squealed and hugged her.

"Well, I guess she took it better than Ace." Said my dad, chuckling.

"Why what did he do.?" I asked.

"He was yelling at me then went for a walk." So that's what all the commotion from earlier was about. 

"Don't worry, I'm sure he'll get over it soon. The move was hard for him too you know." I said softly giving him a reassuring smile.

"You always know what to say my angel." he answered. 

"So Maggie was it you who did this?"

"Yes, do you like it?" She asked looking around, worried.

"Yes thank you so much! I love it! But, I'm gonna go take a shower then go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy busy day."

"Ok, sweetie. Oh, and by the way, Maggie will be moving in with us too! She offered to show you around an take you shopping so you can get to know each other better."

"That sounds perfect?" I smiled at her which made her smile with relief.

"I heard you're an amazing ballerina, I know of a very good ballet studio I can show you." she said.

"On second thought I'm not that tired," I said and they left laughing.

I took a shower in my amazing bathroom and got in my PJs which are boy short shorts and a shirt I stole from Ace. I thought to myself tomorrow is an importantly busy day. New school, new people. I wonder if I was going to regret coming here. I had a butterflies growing in the pit of my stomach as I drifted off to sleep.


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