Chapter 1

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Hi, You probably don't know me but my name is Lucie and I am 13 years old. I have two sisters who are incredibly annoying. One is older than me and one is younger, Josie, who is 15, and Mia, who is 9. Out of us three I have always been the one who is outgoing and a little bit reckless. Anyway today I am in big trouble. When I say big trouble, I really mean BIG TROUBLE. You see, my last class report was ridiculously rubbish and I failed all of my grades. Last time I got my report my parents had warned me that if my report didn't change next time, which it hasn't, that I would be in big trouble. I knew they were serious when they said this because they hardly ever sit me down and shout at me, so when they did I knew they meant business. Anyway you see, I haven't really been paying much attention in class and this has definatly showed in my report. All of my subject grades have gone down since last term and I knew I was going to be shouted at as soon as I got home. I have a close group of friends, and we always go out and have fun, and this seemed like the perfect time to have a drink and forget all about the stupid report. We went into the club and had a few drinks, I ended up getting more drunk then I expected and I knew I was going to be in trouble for that on top of my report. About 3 hours later, it started getting late so I decided I better head back home, I told the others before I started my 10 minute walk back home, which took me slightly longer because I was drunk. When I entered my house, mom was waiting for me in the hallway. I instantly know what this is about. I nervously stay there waiting for her to speak.

"Lucie, Where on earth have you been?!" Mum shouts at me. I am taken back at her shouting before answering.

"Out?" I say smartly not saying exactly where I had been knowing I'd be in more trouble.

"Okay, Then where is your report?" She replies back to me. I instantly feel more nervous not knowing how she will react to all of this.

"It is in my bag" I say quietly before shrinking back.

"Well Get It Out!" Mum shouts at me. I flinch at her sudden yelling and slowly got the report out of my bag and held it out for her to take. She quickly grabbed it from me and read through it quickly skimming the words. She looks up, her face growing with anger.

"Lucie! Wait down here!" She screams at me as she runs up the stairs, I stay in the living room in fear of what my mother was going to do to me. I could hear banging from upstairs, which just made me even more nervous. After about 20 minutes of waiting, my mum came back down with a huge box full of mystery items. She told me to lay down on the floor, so I obeyed her wishes knowing I was already in a lot of trouble already and not waning to be in any more. She then slowly removed my skirt. I shrieked in horror.

"Mum! What on earth do you thing your doing?!"

"I am Diapering you." She remains calm as she continues to pull my skirt completely off my body. I look at her is disgrace.

"What the heck Mum! You can't do that!" I shout. Mum just starts to get more and more frustrated and replies.

"I can and I will." I simply replied with,

"I Refuse!" I Instantly regret what I said when I hear Mum's Voice fulled with anger.

"We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way." She said to me, telling me I have no choice in the matter. I faught with her to try and get her to stop but all that ended up happening was me getting consequences. She sat down on the chair in the corner and pulled me over her lap, I started to kick my legs in an attempt to get up and get away from her but she held me with a firm hold and started spanking my bottom with a hair brush. I cried out for help. After 50 swats my backside was hurting and was feeling like it was on fire so she finally stopped. She persisted to tell me that if I wasn't a 'good girl' then she wouldn't hesitate to do it again. She laid me back down on the floor and slid my panties off, without any screams from me. She then carefully slid a diaper under me, I started to wimper knowing she was going to continue through with this.