thirteen//waking up

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[Flashback Beginning]

"Hurry up mommy! Hi daddy!" Leo voice rang through the office as he stood by the door ignoring the looks he received for disturbing the meeting. Hunter watched from the door staring at Zheng with shrugged shoulders not ever glancing towards the other men.

Zheng raised a eyebrow at Hunter once again to receive one back as Leo ran into the room climbing onto of his daddy's lap. Zheng keep peeking at Hunter silently demanding he come get their son.

Hunter smiled in return before glancing back towards Leo. The four year old, wore a simple white long sleeve button up shirt, dark suspenders, green striped bow and khaki pants with his little custom shoes. Matching his daddy in his style.

"Hunter vous savez que je suis une réunion très importante en ce moment." (Hunter you know I have a very important meeting right now.)

Zheng only resorts to French because it was the only language they haven't taught Leo so when they wanted to talk in private around him.

Hunter narrowed his eyes ignoring Leo's peeking glances he sneak him and his daddy's because he didn't understand.

"Cette réunion est trop importante pour votre fils? Qui n'a pas vu toute la journée hier et d'aujourd'hui. Vous avez besoin de passer du temps avec lui au lieu de ces hommes alc le putain de temps." (Is this meeting too important for your son? Who hasn't seen you all day today and yesterday. You need to spend time with him instead of with these men all the fucking time.)

Hunter hissed out as he glanced around the office room to the men sitting. Hunter eyes turned back to Leo who was now playing with his daddy's fingers making them poking his self.

Hunter never hide his dislike for how much time Zheng spent with his businessmen. Zheng sighed as he stared at his husband trying to will him to take their son out. Hunter simply narrowed his eyes more daring Zheng.

"Chasseur-" (Hunter-) Zheng started only to receive a glare from Hunter that stopped him. Hunter glanced down at Leo who was still playing with his daddy's fingers before he left.

Zheng sighed rubbing his temples before turning to look down at his son. He didn't need to look up to know that the other men were watching him. He would normally give Leo a funny face before sending him on his way but this time was different. These men were new clients, and he couldn't afford to seem weak in front of them.

Straightening up Zheng gently removed Leo's fingers from his hand as he spoke to the little boy.

"Leo che cosa papà ti ha detto di interrompere i suoi incontri privati?" (Leo what did daddy tell you about interrupting his private meetings?)

Zheng ignored his son's pout popping him on the thigh hard enough to get the point across.

"Se la porta è chiusa che significa no." (If the door is closed that means no.) Leo whispered refusing to meet his daddy's eyes. Leo pushed at his daddy's hands to get up only to have Zheng tighten his grip.

"Leo." he still refused to look up at him but continued pushing. "Leonard look at me when I speak to you. Do you understand?"

"Sì." (Yes.) Leo whispered as he glanced up towards his daddy. His fat bottom lip was wobbling but he wasn't crying.

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