Let's just write this anyways, right?

I sniffled and looked at Kian. "I-I.." I said. Tears were still rolling down my cheek. "I-I can't!" I said grabbing my purse and running out the restaurant. I ran into a dark alley. I leaned against the wall and slipped down the Wall. I was sitting on the floor. My head between my knee's. My arms wrapped around my legs. Rocking back and forth thinking about the proposal. Then I heard sudden foot steps walking towards me down the alley.
I heard the person sitting next to me. "Hey you alright?" A sudden voice said. I sniffled between my legs and looked up at the person. It was Jc. "Ya. Just thinking about the thing that happened in there." I said. Jc saw my makeup running down my eyes, He wiped it with his thumb. "Thanks." I said slightly smiling.
"So, why did you say No?" Jc said. I looked at him in the eyes. "I- don't know. I mean I've known Kian for a year but all that we've been through that year just.." I said. "Makes you feel unsafe sometimes." Jc said cutting me off. "Right." I said facing straight to the other wall across from us. "I get it." So are you gonna head back home or going back inside?" Jc said.
"Probably just gonna grab and cab and head back home." I said.
"C'mon I'll go with you. Then we could hang out together. Just the two of us." Jc said getting up and holding out a hand for me to grab it. I smiled and grabbed his hand. Helped me up. We walked side by side to seak the nearest cab because we drove here with Kian's car. We held hands until we got home.
The cab drove us to our house. "So what do you wanna do?" Jc said opening the front door. "I don't know," I said. "Wanna watch a movie or something? I'll make the popcorn you pick out the movie." Jc said. "Ummm sure why not. But let me go change first."I said running upstairs. I opened the door to my room and opened my closet looking for some comfortable clothes. I just put my Pajama's on and put my hair in a pony tail and wiped the makeup that was running down my face. I ran downstairs to find Jc making the popcorn. I smiled and picked out the movie. We watched Fast and furious 7 all cuddled up together. Next thing I knew it we were on the couch sleeping My head on his shoulder while his head was on mine. It was such a peaceful night with my favorite friend thats a boy.

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