Chapter Thirty-Four

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We walked to the park accross the IHOP in central. Her words ringed in my head, "Never satisfy him like I did.... Second in Bed.. Satisfy Him.. In Bed..." I flinched as I felt a warm touch on my hand.
I looked up at Jaime, "sorry, I just-I was thinking of some stuff," Jaime looked like he was masking his hurt with something else.
"Oh don't worry, it is cold out," he said half smiling; I could sense his curiosity in his dazzling whirlpools. He gave me his camera and I nodded and looked around, noticing all the small details. The trees were bare, the people were relaxed in a chaotic city, the children were laughing, the grass was swaying, everything in the park was calm, everything else was metaphorically in flames. From the entrance where we were standing, you could see the sidewalk-path through the park. There was one playground to the left and a sand pit beside it. There were many trees and a small river going down parallel to the walkway.
I looked at Jaime and sighed. I looked down to the ground and thought for a moment on how I was going to word my thoughts.
"Jaime..." I said sighing again.
His tone was concerned, "yes?"
"Allana.. Said something.." I could sense him pause. I looked up at him and studied his facial expression. It was full of worry, concern, and agitation,
"..what did she say?" I paused and looked down to brace myself for what's to come, "it's not really that important.."
Jaime stroked my arm and half smiled reassuringly, "it's important to me?" I half smiled as well and took a deep breath, "well.. She said I would never satisfy you.. Like she did; that I would be your second in bed.."
Jaime's face changed from reassuring to furious. It took him a while to reply. I was worried and scared. I've seen him a little angry, but never this furious.
He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, "when did she tell you..?"
"As we left," I replied a little frightened.
He nodded then ran his hand though his hair, "she's just being a bitch," I gasped to myself, he rarely cursed unless he was making a joke.
"Maybe she's jealous that you have a girlfriend.. I mean, you've been single for about five months until now,"
Jaime scoffed, "doubt it, she's gone through boyfriends like I go through ice cream tubs,"
"Two per week?" I say trying to lift the negative mood.
"Probably," he said half smiling, hiding his anger. He shook his head and looked around sighing. I softly gripped his hand showing him I cared.
He nodded and half smiled, "how about we finish here and go to the studio to Begin recording," I nodded slowly and added, "I'll buy coffee," Jaime smiled and reluctantly nodded, "alright," We took a few shots of th city and nature around us, and then headed back to Jaime's car. We set ourselves in, trying to warm each other up since it was about fourty-nine degrees outside. As Jaime turned up the heater, I buckled my seatbelt in and rubbed my hands together. Jaime took the time to put his seatbelt on, then put the car in movement towards the studio.
On the way there, the conversation wasn't affected by His ex; we talked about the future of Pierce The Veil and about how they already had most of the songs written. As we got the coffee for everyone that was going to be at the studio, we talked about how Vic and Mike were in a band that broke apart before the brothers met Jaime and Tony. They were called, "Before Today" and that they were gonna take a few ideas from that to make their new Album.
When we arrived at the building, Jaime parked the car as close to the entrance at possible. If it was possible, Jaime could've parked right in the front lobby so we wouldn't be in the cold. We grabbed the many cups of coffee and ran inside. As we entered the lobby, I looked around. I've never seen the inside of this studio and it was amazing. The grunge look was combined with the very Modern look; the walls painted different colors and the front dest was full of little trinkets brought back from tours around the world. We walked along the soft carpet to the front desk and told the thin woman about our meeting with the "top dog" as Vic called him. We waited about two minutes until Mike came down for us through the elevator. When the double black doors of the elevator opened, mike stood with green, khaki and army-printed shorts and a "Obey Posse," tank with a black zip up over it. He called us over to the elevator as we walked towards him. When we finally were in the silver elevator, he pushed the number four button. The elevator silently played a bit of Metallica as we rode up. Jaime held my hand as he held the tray of coffe in the other. Mike reached over to the tray of coffee in my left hand to grab his as i showed him the coffee. He peered in his cup as he rubbe his thumb where his name was written in. The small pinches of cinnamon like freckles on the whipped cream.
"Hey! Coffee! And you got my favorite! Thanks!" He reached over and ruffled my hair and Jaime's hair. We all smiled at eachother and giggled. When the elevator finally arrived, it gave a soft ding and then opened to a wide red walled hallway. It was decorated in many different rustic mirrors and decorations. Mike lead us through the hallway then to the right leading us through a doorway. Behind the big door layed a medium sized room with several dark brown couches. The gorgeous multi earth colored wall-rugs hung, covering the white walls. Many African and hand-made things hung from the walls: Dreamcatchers, African masks, paintings, posters and many other knick-nacks. Christmas lights hung from the ceiling making the rec loung a lot more magicial. On the right of the couches was a wall full of buttons of different colors; mostly red and green, some marked with colored tape. Ontop of the knobs and buttons was a clear glass window that looked into the marvelous recording booth. All of the boys instruments layed in there. As all the boys welcomed Jaime and I in, I peered everywhere, amazed at the magic that has happened and will happen with Pierce the veil.

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