Chapter 2

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I jogged downstairs, and went towards the kitchen.

As I was walking I heard the door knock heavily behind me. I turned and saw Mike, trying to get in. I sighed while walking over and opened the door for him.

"Hey." I say, leaving the door as soon as I open it.

"Hey, are you okay?" He asked closing it and following me.

"Just fine."

"Where are you going?" He saw me put my phone in my bag.


"Thats not a valid answer."

"Yes it is." I reply.

"No it isn't."

"Yes it is." I paused. "Okay Mike. I just have places to go, people to see."

I went to the backyard, and walked passed the pool. I heard Mike slam the back door and run after me, calling my name.

"Kendall! Your best friends, who you hang out with a lot, are kidnapped. Everyone in the town is doing all they can to find them, who the hell are you going to hang out with?"

I stopped in my own tracks, and turn around. "Must you know?"


I sighed. "A gave me an address, and," I paused to take out the flash drive from my bag. "This flashdrive. A wants me to meet with him."

"Kendall, that isn't safe."

"Its a way for me to find out where the girls are..and if they are safe."

"Ken, you have to turn that into the police." He let out his hand, thinking I would hand it to him.

"No." I abruptly say. "No way in hell I'm giving this to them. A is watching, A is always watching, which means not only I can die at anytime but the girls too. I'm not risking it."

"You're not risking anything. You will be protected by the police from A, and if you hand that flash drive in, the girls will be found faster." Mike took a step towards me, and I took a step back.


"Kendall, give it to me."

"Mike, I said no." I clutch the flash drive tighter in my hand.

"Kendall. Give it to me." Mikes even closer, and reaches for my hand, but without thinking, I throw the flash drive into the pool beside us.

Mike was stolid. "Fine. Flashdrive or no flash drive, I'm still going with you."

I rolled my eyes heavily. "Fine, whatever. Come. Give me five minutes, I need to use the bathroom. Just, wait out here."

"Fine." Mike sat back on the lounge chair behind him, as I went through the back door.

When I went inside, I passed the bathroom and went right back outside, towards the front of the house. I took my car that was at the top of the driveway, and drove away.

Yeah, I know. I lied to my boyfriend, let him stay outside by himself thinking I was coming back. I know he was trying to be protective and I appreciate that, I really do. But it was for the best. I was protecting him too, and the girls. I had to do this myself so no one would get hurt. If someone did, I would hold that guilt forever.

I looked at the address written beside me. I took a deep breath in, and let it out. I was ready to take on A..

Mike's POV

Five minutes later and she still isn't here.

I gave her more time.

10 minutes later and she is still not here.

I gave her even more time.

20 minutes later and she still isn't here. Where the hell is she? What could she be possibly doing?

I stood up from my chair, and went inside the house through the backdoor. I looked around the kitchen and looked at the key rack. Kendall's keys were gone, which meant Kendall was gone.

I took out my phone from my pocket. I put it to my ear and heard it ring.


"Mrs. Hastings, we have a problem."

20 minutes later, Mr. And Mrs Hastings, along with Caleb and Ezra were at the house, pacing around the kitchen.

"Why the hell would she leave? She knows how belligerent A is, why would she go to meet, the he, she? I don't know what to call it!" Mr Hastings exclaimed.

"She did it to protect everyone." Ezra said.

"Well she just messed up everything." Mr Hastings countered.

"What are we going to do?" Mrs Hastings asked.

Caleb was slouching, thinking of what to do. Then he sat up straight, and took out his computer.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Caleb answered me, without taking his eyes off the computer. "I'm tracking Kendall's car. If I can find it, we can find her."

We all went behind Caleb, watching him do the weird hacking stuff he does.

"Found it." He said, in a confused tone.

"Thats our address." Mr.Hastings says.

We all walk slowly outside, and there was nothing. Mr.Hastings opened the garage, and we all gasped with what was inside.

It was Kendall's car. But how did it get there? It wasn't there a while ago.

Mr.Hastings went towards the car. He opened the drivers side, and sat down. He turned the key, and turned off the engine.

We all stood there confused, speechless and scared. We had no idea where Kendall was. That flashdrive is in the pool, ruined. So we can't use that to find her, and she has the address, so we are at lost.

We haven't heard or seen Kendall the rest of the day.

And three weeks later, she was still missing....

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