Chapter 1 (Roxy Is The Name)

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Roxy is the name. Im 19 and i live with my best friend Jane. Her family has been mine since my real family died.

    Not like they were the best parents anyway. But they were all i had you know.

But i'm a sassy bad girl. I say what's on my mind and i dont give a damn if it hurt your feelings. I have a smart mouth, but people seem to be drawn to me. Like the bad girl everyone wants to hang around.

Jane on the other hand is a good girl. Likes the rules. Thinks they help structure people. I think there pure shit.

    But when Jane wants to she can be the baddest girl in the room. Besides me of course. Were going to a party tonight. Its on the down low. Drugs and shit.

    I don't know who's throwing it but whatever, as long as there are boos.

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