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Chapter 1
A Matter of Time!
How Long is a God day?
The significants of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
Apophis asteroid, the time clock of the bible!
God’s people taken out of the way and Jesus return!
Examining the last 10 years!
The Arrival of the Two Witnesses!
Who are the Two Witnesses?
Timeline of the 10 year tribulation period.

Chapter 2
Beasts of the End Times!
The One Horned Goat and the Two Horned Ram.
The 4 Horns represents 4 power blocks on the Goat!
Composition of the 4th Beast.
Governments changed!
The Woman that rides the United Nations Beast!
The Beast from the earth!

Chapter 3
Riders of the Beasts!
From the mouth of the Dragon!

From the mouth of the Beast from the Sea!
Coat of arms of the Chosen One.
Order of the Garter.
The Bilderbergs.
The Illuminati.

From the mouth of the 2nd Beast!
The False Prophet.
The Mark 666.
Hecate the 3 headed frog goddess.
Eye of Providence.
Days of Noah.

Chapter 4
God, Man, Angels, Demons.
The Tree of Life.
Out of Body Experiences.

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