Sighing, Michael sat down at the back of the big classroom. He hated math more than ever, like what is x and y? Is it some sort of code they teach you that Michael missed? Or was it just to confuse the class.

He just hates maths, end of story.

Michael was considered a nerd, yeah he knew a few stuff but really? A nerd? He wouldn't call himself that, he was more of a... smart outcast.

Nerds had friends... who were also nerds but not Michael, he had no one, no one liked him, nor did they talk to him, he was just left alone to rot in this hell called school.

In school he's classes as a 'goody goody' but out of school... well that's a whole different story! Once he stole a balloon from a fast food place and took it home, but then he gave it back because he felt bad.

His thoughts were interrupted when bad boy Ashton dragged his combat boots over to the chair just in front of Michael. The colourful haired boy was scared of Ashton with his piercings and tattoos and pinky-red hair. Yeah Michael liked to dye his hair but he liked to dye his hair different colours, not one colour.

At the moment he had purple hair which he kinda liked, it went with his cute little flower crown which he would always have on.

Lessons had started but honestly Michael wasn't listening, all he was doing was drawing little flowers in his notepad, it wasn't a talent, more of a hobby.

He couldn't draw for shit.


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