Hi my name is Annabella.

I’m just an original girl like everybody else. I have my twists and turns, high school crushes, the rumours that spread and many other little things that make up every other teenager's life. But what happens in my life just may not happen in everyone else’s life and won’t exactly happen to everyone  and they may not have to go though them every day of their lives like I do.

These things may just happen to me for a reason or for nothing at all but what happens in my life just makes it more interesting to hear about and learn from my past mistakes. Life had those times where you supposedly fall in love with a person. Well, in my life I didn’t really expect that I would fall so much in love with a person that happened to be my really close guy friend. He may not know it yet, but I really am falling in love with him. There is time where I can get over this thing they call "love" and move on with my life. But sometimes, that feeling rushes back and I can't resist having butterflies every time I look at him again. He is a sweet, cute, I can never get over his hugs, it's like I can stay in his arms till forever ends and has an amazing personality and so much more. Till now, I never knew perfection could exist. Well, I will just let you know more about me and let you find out later on what is my "Prince Charmin’s" name or lot more about him.

Weird things happen in my life, like random people I don’t even know come up to me and talk to me about random stuff, plus they come appear out of the blue. I would describe them as rather ghostly. Let me warn you about something; I am a really weird person, yes, if I say so myself. I’m fun to be around, I’m calm most of the time, and I can be annoying. I tend to poke people a lot, I love surfing internet, but who doesn’t love the internet? I’m crazy and get hyper off of sugar a lot and I’m funny at times.

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