Chapter 28

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Mira's POV

I stared at Rina as Jay came over and slung his arm over my shoulder.
"We're having a water fight. Whoever is the driest at the end is the winner," declared Jacob.
"Why?" Rina said. I could tell that she was as annoyed and confused as me.
"Because. Grab a gun. You and Rina are on a team and Jacob and I are on a team. Losers buy ice cream." Jay told us.
"You already owe Cam and I food." I reminded him.
"Ya ya I know."
"Why?" Jacob butted in.
"Because he lost at Just Dance so now he has to buy us food."
"You invited Jay to game day?" asked Rina.
"Yep now let's start this dumb game." I replied.

We had 10 minutes to come up with a plan, find a base, and hide. Once the game started, we'd put on a 30 minute timer and when it rang, game was over. The only rule was that we had to stay near Jay's property. Jay's backyard was full of bushes and trees so there were many places to his. Simple enough. Rina and I had just hidden behind some bushes trying to come up with a plan. One thing we are good at is plans. We sat in silence for a good two minutes.

"Got any ideas?" I said, breaking the silence.
"Prank them again. There's a Target about 4 minutes from here. I can go get some paint and fill water balloons. I should get back before much happens but you'll need to distract them." As she said this I could feel and evil grin form on my face.
"That's a brilliant idea. But are you sure you can leave without them knowing?" I asked her. She nodded her head slightly.
"Alright then hurry up and get your ass to the store. And text me when you get back but keep your phone on silent." I told her.
"I will. These boys are going down." she smiled and said. In the moment, I forgot everything that happened and I smiled back. We quickly did our handshake before she ran toward the front of the house.

After she left, I gathered all our supplies. We had two big water guns and two small ones, a Kroger bag full of water balloons, and a bucket full of water to refill the guns. I hid the two small guns in the waistline of my shorts and grabbed one of the big ones. I left the other big one and most of the water balloons hidden in the bushes. I took the bucket of water and a few water balloons and hid them poorly in some bushes nearby. Hopefully they'll be fooled by the phony hideout.

When I was done, I looked for a better place to hide. I looked around and finally thought of the perfect place. I quietly made my way towards the house. There's no rule about hiding inside. Plus it was just a temporary hiding spot until Rina got back. I sneakily made my way to the front of the house and made sure no one was watching as I opened the door. I desperately hope Jay's family isn't home. That would be embarrassing. I stepped inside the house, shut the door, and sighed in relief. I checked a few rooms and no one seemed to be home. Then, I got out my phone to text Rina. The game officially started about 3 minutes ago so Rina should be on her way back soon.
'Almost done?' I sent her.
'Yep leaving store now.'
'Okie dokie'
'No one says okie dokie'
'I do'
'That's cause ur weird'
'Oh shut up'

"Who are you?" said a voice I didn't recognize. I looked up from my phone and saw a boy around 14 or 15. He had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes and was holding a big bag of Oreos.
"Um I'm Mira, one of Jay's friends. Who are you?"
"Tyler, Jay's brother"
"Oh um sorry I didn't know anyone was home. We were playing a game and I was just trying find a place to hide." I stuttered.
"Oh so Jay does actually have other friends besides Jacob. I didn't believe him when he told me."
"Ya we're actually gonna prank them. We're filling water balloons with paint. Kinda lame but good enough for now."
"Sounds fun. Those dickwads deserve it. Can I help."
"Sure. Can you distract them while we attack?"
"Definitely. Want a Oreo?" he asked and held out the bag to me. I nodded and grabbed four.
"So when do we start" Tyler asked as he shoved a cookie in his mouth.
"As soon as my friend Rina gets here." I got out my phone and saw that Rina had texted me.
'Nearly there where r u'
'Inside go through front door& b sneaky'
'K here'

Not even 4 seconds later and the door was opening.
"Nice hiding place." Rina said.
"Thanks. get the stuff?" I asked her.
"Yep who's the dude."
"Jay's brother Tyler. He's gonna help us."
"Cool. We gotta quickly fill these before they figure out we're missing. "
We got to work filling the balloons and I gave Tyler and Rina the small guns and I refilled mine with paint. Tyler was gonna lead them to the house while Rina snuck up from behind and pelted them with balloons. I was gonna stay inside and squirt them with paint from a window.
'Did u leave' Jacob texted me.
"Crap they're suspicious. We gotta go" I told Tyler and Rina.
Once everything was set up, we headed to our spots. I watched from a window as Tyler called out Jay and Jacob's names. I couldn't hear what he said but it was enough to make them come out from hiding. They slowly walked toward the house and Tyler made sure to lead them below me. I slowly opened the window and saw Rina weaving her way through the bushes to the boys. They were almost directly behind me and I quickly made eye contact with Rina. She nodded as I smiled and I yelled "Fire!"

Jay and Jacob looked up at me just as I started to spray them. Tyler took out his gun and sprayed them with water as Rina pelted them with water balloons. It was glorious.
"What the hell. Stop it!" Jacob basically growled.
"Never!" Rina yelled and I laughed evilly. Soon, we were out of balloons, paint, and water. Jay and Jacob wiped the goop from their eyes and for a couple seconds, we all just started at each other.
"You're dead" yelled Jay. My eyes got wide and Rina yelled "retreat"
"Tyler, Rina head to Jacob's car. Quickly!" I told them. Before J&J could grab them, Rina and Tyler darted off. I ran as fast I could to the drive way. I made a quick stop in the kitchen to grab the keys sitting on the counter. When I reached the car, I jumped in and locked the door. Jacob and Jay pound on the windows and yelled for us to open up but I just stuck my tongue out.
"That was amazing. Good idea Mira." Rina said.
"Why thank you."
"I should hang out with you guys more often. You have great plans." said Tyler. Rina and I looked at each other and smiled. We flipped out hair over our shoulder and said "Ya we're pretty awesome"

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