Destiel ~ Well Fuck You Too Twilight Part 2 (Au)

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A/N: So, I'm planning on doing chapters called a blast from the past where you'll have Savannah starring in them. Each chapter will be made Thursday and will feature a picture of Savannah from some point in time. Anyways, here's part 2.


A vampire for a boyfriend. What are the odds? They were sitting on the couch, Dean's head in Cas' lap, Cas playing with his hair. They were watching this really crappy movie called Twilight.

"Wow, the douche bag of douche bags. Gives us a bad name, doesn't he?" Dean snorts.

"I guess. That really isn't the healthiest relationship." Cas comments with a shrug.

"Hey Cas?" Dean tries to get his attention.

"Hmm?" Cas hums, playing with the ends of Dean's hair.

"Will you be my boyfriend? I forgot to ask earlier." Dean smiles, worried Cas will say no.

"Considering that we were probably going to tear each other's clothes of, definitely." Cas chuckles, leaning down to kiss Dean.

"Good. I don't know what I would do if you said no." Dean sighed, his lips pursed. The front door opened and in stumbled Gabriel and Savannah walked in behind them.

"I returned his drunk ass home. Glad to see you two got together, bla bla bla. I really fucking hate Sam and Adam at the moment." She walked past them and helped Gabe to his room.

"She knows where you live?" Dean questions.

"She is our friend. Besides, she wasn't extremely annoying." Cas smiled. Savannah walked back in.

"So why do you hate Sam and Adam?" Dean questions.

"Well Adam pisses me off in general. Also, guess what mortal is now a werewolf? Gabriel! Sam bit him!" Savannah looked absolutely disgusted.

"He did what? He can't do that unless-"

"Gabriel is twenty one. He was held back a few years." Savannah informed.

"That dick." Cas growled.

"And this is why I wanted you to date Dean. Also, Cas is nineteen, you can't turn him for two years." Savannah directed the last part towards Dean.

"Wait, did Sam imprint on him?" Dean questions.

"Yup. Gabriel was willing after a few drinks. I found him making out with Sam in the closet. And I pulled them apart, slapped Sam and drove Gabriel home." Savannah rubbed her temples.

"Thanks for bringing him home." Cas sighed.

"No problem. Oh, and if your dad comes home, don't tell him I was here." Savannah left.

"Sam is a fucking asshole." Dean growled.

"Dean, Gabriel was always willing to be with Sam. Hell, I encouraged him to flirt with Sam!" Cas felt guilty as he said it.

"It's getting late, you need to get some sleep." Dean abruptly says.

"Can you stay with me?" Cas questions.

"Cas, I need to talk to Sam." Dean sighs, sitting up, facing Cas.

"Do it in the morning. I want you to stay." Cas pressed their lips together gently. That was all it took for Dean to agree.

"Maybe I could stay." Dean whispered in between kisses. Cas smiled against their lips and kissed Dean roughly.

"Good." Dean was shoved back on the couch and Cas was kissing him passionately. Cas tasted wine on Dean's soft and cold lips, and he didn't mind. Cas was grinding into Dean and Dean pushed Cas back.

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