amzy's pov

i woke up by the voice of khala ! "amchullll ? meri beti uth jaa !" . i smiled and stretch a lil ! while screaming "i'm up !" . all then my nose filled with the smell of halwa!

i ran towards the bathroom ! took a shower and wore blue shalwar kameez! i came out and set my dupatta! i walk down and saw everyone on the table ! "salam !" i said loudly so everyone could hear! everyone replied !

i smile and sat on my chair ! zee was sitting next to shehry and both were thumb fighting ! "maa see shehry always loses from me !" zee said and i smile towards him cause i know he loses so zee could be happy.

ek zayan ka baap tha ! jisne zayan k sath kia bura nahi kiya ! aur ek ye hai jo k zaroon ka baap nahi ! magr phr bhi itna pyaar krta hai .

khala served halwa in my plate and we all started to eat ! i was done so i took my plate and put it in the sink ! khala was doing something ! i sat on the counter chair ! "khala ap kia kr rahi hain ? " i asked and she turned and show me her hands ! she was making ubtan for the mayon.

my smile faded ! sain came and sat next to me ! he smile and i poke my finger in his dimple ! like we use to do in our childhood ! " khala main chahti hun pehle sain aur fariyal ki engagement ho phr mera mayon !" i said and khala smiled it means a yes ! "main apna purple dress pehnun gi ! yaaaayyyy ! " i scream in excitement !

"but us se pehle ap dono ki bhi mangni ho ! " sain smirked and my eyes widened ! "magar kyun ? engagement tou hogayi thi !" i said in a serious tone and sain said "wo bhi koi mangni thi ? yaar mama ki wish hai ! tm pura nai kro gi !" he said and quickly pulled a puppy dog face ! khala head shot up and i noded my head .

"ab jao ja k aram kro ! phir ghar mangni bhi hai !" khala said and quickly left to my room ! in my way to room i bumped in someone ! i was about to fall when i felt two warm muscular arms snaked to my waist and i quickly fisted his collar .

i slowly open my eyes and saw shehry smiling ! "begum lagi tou nahi ? " he chuckle and my anger boiled a lil ! "begum ? abhi se ? abhi tou mangni bhi nahi hui !" i sassed and he laughed ! "main wife wala begum nahi ! izzat wala biwi kaha tha . " he said and my eyes widened ! my cheeks burn and i look away and left to my room !

shehry's pov

she was in my arms ! i saved her from falling ! her eyes were tightly shut ! hair were hanging down ! her hands were fisted to my collar ! i smiled seeing her like this ! she slowly opened her eyes and i joked "begum ! lagi tou nahi ? " . yes i said the wife wala begum she sassed and i lied to her ! her eyes widened and she blush hardly ! i love her seeing like this !

i climb the stairs down! its a small function of me and amzy ! sain and fariyal are getting engaged ! but its going to be a crazy mayon night too in the garden ! i decorated the whole garden by myself and of coarse my brother and sister !

"helllooooo everyone ! the mr. sexy in the house ! " i heard and looked up and saw waqas ! i hugged the life out of him and he patted my back ! "mere yaar tere liye mjhe bht khushi hui ! " he said .

"mere liye nahi hui ? " sain came from the back ! "nahi naa yaar ! tmne tou mere dil tor diya ! apki aur meri shadi honi thi jaan ! " waqas flaunted to sain and he chuckle ! "tou ne bhi tou shadi krli mera socha ? " sain asked and waqas mummered "whatever sainu ! " .

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