Chapter 53: "I'm fine" part 1.

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He hugged me tighter and spun me around.

“I love you too” He pulled away and planted a kiss on my cheek, then he hugged me once more and pulled away again, putting his two hands on my cheeks. “So promise me you’ll be okay and never forget that I’ll ALWAYS be here”

I nodded and hugged him again.

Then the voice of a lady announced Louis’ flight leaving and I knew I had to let him go, so I did. I watched as he disappeared in the crowd and then I realized I was officially alone.

I walked back to my car and drove back home where I found my dad in the living room, staring into space. 

“Hey Dad, I’m back” I said looking at him.

There was no response so I left and went up to my bedroom. Once I was there I chose my outfit for tomorrow and I decided to check my facebook.

I logged in and I read everything on my timeline, I checked my notifications and my messages but there was nothing interesting.

I sighed and decided to play some music to calm my nerves, I had to plan everything, how I was going to act, what I was going to say, and in between thinking and crying I fell asleep.


“I’m on a highway to hell…on the highway to hell…highway to hell…I’m on the highway to hell”

I opened my eyes sleepily and frowned, turning off my alarm. I pushed myself up and sighed looking at the sun. Monday what a horrible day, if only I could just skip school and lay on bed all day I would but I can’t. I promised Louis I’ll go to school.

I walked to my bathroom and showered quickly, put on my outfit of the day and brushed my hair and curled it. I was wearing my favorite blue shorts and a white shirt and a headband around my head. I grabbed my mum’s locket in my hand and sighed. She was always there, downstairs, waiting excitedly to drive me to school or to even see me leave with Jack, our other driver, just to see me wear the clothes she bought me or the ones I bought thanks to her.

I quickly shook those memories of my mum and I walked downstairs, not even bothering to walk into the kitchen. I wasn’t hungry, I had lost the appetite but Louis always made me eat.

“Good Morning Emma, are you excited about school?” Jack asked, he was waiting for me outside and the car was already there.

“Morning! Excited? You’re kidding, right? I feel like I’m going back to hell to those ass lickers.”

He chuckled and opened the car door for me. I got in and sighed looking at the window, he started the engine and off we went.

Surviving this day was going to be the proof, I could do this. I had to forget about my fling, about London, Nathan, my friends, her death. 

“Jack? I won’t need for you to drive me to school anymore” I said, I just noticed we were almost there.

“Are you sure? Because your friend Louis said…”

I cut him off smiling.

“Louis isn’t here anymore and besides, I’m sixteen now!” 

He nodded and agreed, parking outside the school.

I looked at all the cheerful faces walking through the gates and I sighed once more.

“Thank you” I said to Jack and I got out of the car. I started walking through the gates, thinking about when this day was going to be over.  I kept repeating everything I was going to say.

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