Be My Princess

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This chapter is basically to let you know the circumstances by which the two became acquainted. You will know who the two are if you keep reading or well if you read the summary. Right so technically the story starts in the next chp (technically) plz tell me what you think so far . . .

Chapter 1

A bunch of us were walking through the town looking for scraps of bread. We couldn't find any yesterday but Sammy told us that the baker near town would be handing some out. Life was tough for us orphans but we did good because we had each other.

"Kiara hurry up or you won't get any!" My bestfriend Chloe called, her hands were filled with bread. I looked to the crowd of grubby children ages 6- 8; I was 7. They were all pushing and shoving; there was no way that I would be able to get any . . . "What's wrong? Here I'll get you some." She said dumping hers in my hands. I watched in horror as she elbowed her way through the hoard of monsters who probably wouldn't have anything else to eat after today for a while. They were kicking and scratching each other while the baker stood to the side having a good laugh. He was a cruel man and he was scary. Once he grabbed me and told me to hurry up and grow old so he could have his way with me. I didn't understand what that meant but I didn't like the look in his eyes.

Chloe ran back with a few more loaves then she grabbed me and pulled me away. "Come on!" We didn't stop running until we got to the shed that we pieced together so we could have shelter. "I didn't get as much for you as for myself but we can share I guess she said now wrapping them in a piece of cloth that we had found in a dumpster.

I don't know why my parents didn't want me but they just didn't. When I was three some of the older kids, who were now gone off to find work in the real world helped me to escape from my orphanage. I owed a lot to them.

"Hey you guys have to come see this!" Emma shouted from just outside. We ran out and saw a large group of people going together on their horses with a carriage in the back. There was no mistaking it. That was the king's coach and he was probably coming into town to show his son the place. His son was gonna be King one day and all of us girls wanted to be the one to marry him.

"Come on Kiara they're headed back down town!" Chloe shouted before running off with the rest of them. By the time I got back to town there was a huge crowd around the royal carriage. I tried pushing my way through but I couldn't. As I walked further away, after giving up hope, I heard Chloe shouting. She sounded like she was at the front of the line. "I'm gonna marry you one day Prince and both me and Kiara are gonna move in with you!" The crowd began laughing and I could tell that even the guards were laughing. Any normal person would have been embarrassed but I knew that Chloe wasn't. She was the opposite of me in every way. She was loud, outgoing, and pretty and she could even fight! As I walked along the street I was pulled into an alley.

"Hey where's the extra bread that we saw you and Chloe take?" One of the boys who had grabbed me asked.

"I-I don't k-know . . ." I began whimpering. Why did everyone like picking on me?

"You're lying!" One of them shouted.

"No I'm not, honest!"

"Hey leave that fair maiden alone!" We all turned to the top of the ally and saw young Prince Rolan standing there. The boys started laughing.

"What are you going to do about it? You're just a palace kid; I bet you can't even fight."

"Oh yeah?" The little prince asked. His face was getting red and it only made him look cuter. He drew a small dagger from his waist belt and began moving closer. When he got close enough the other's ran off but not before pushing me to the floor. I began crying. Prince Rolan knelt beside me and tried drying my tears with his cape looking thingy. "Don't cry, it's alright, those boys are just mean. My name is Rolan what's yours?" He said looking at me with a wide smile. I stared at him but didn't respond. Why would he want my name? I wasn't important. "Can't you talk?"

"I-It's Kiara . . ."

"Well Kiara you're pretty. When I grow up I want you to be my princess. Will you?"  I tried talking but no words would come out.

"Prince Rolan where are you?!" Someone called.

"I have to go but promise me that you'll be my bride and princess 'cause I want a pretty one when I grow up." He said before running off. I watched him run away. Was he serious when he said that? I wanted so bad to marry the Prince and it would have been cruel if he was joking.

That night back at the shelter I laid with Chloe's arms around me holding me comfortingly. Sometimes it was hard for me to fall asleep.

"Kiara, let's make a promise." She said thoughtfully as we looked up at the stars in the sky; on nights this nice we would sleep outside.

"What kind?"

"That we're gonna marry a Prince, each of us. I already want Prince Rolan so you have to find another Prince but it will be worth it because we'll both be princesses and we'll have nice dresses and food and warm beds and tonnes of toys and a whole palace and . . .and people who love us . . ."

"Yeah." I said thinking it over with a small smile. "We should both marry a Prince; it would be nice . . ." Though it would also be impossible . . .

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