Chapter 21

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(Claude's POV)

      "Sebastian this is an order,leave now and stay out of my sight!"Ciel said."C-Ciel....."Y/N said softly.Sebastian's eyes widened as a small smirk came upon my face."Yes my lord..."Sebastian said giving a small bow and leaving.'I finally did it,i finally got Ciel Phantomhive's soul.'I walked over to Ciel and caught him as I saw him pass out.Y/N let out a small growl and sent me a death glare.I could feel the glare on the back of my head so i turned around and i found a...kitten?"Meow~"The cat said running out the room.

(Your POV)

      You ran and caught up with your father."Father?"You said as you changed back to your human form.Your father didnt say anything and you decided not to say anything.Your father stopped and turned to look at you.His eyes were fuchsia and he had a dark purple oura around him."Y/N.."Your fathher father said giving you his closed eye smile."Y-Yes?!"You said trying to remain calm shivering."I need you to do me a favor?"He replied chuckling.


        You ran to the Trancy manor and jumped up to the second floor.You jumped through an open window."What a bunch of idiots..."You whispered to your self.You quietly ran down the hall looking for the room Ciel is in.You turned a corner to see Claude coming out of a room.You sighed in relief of having to look around for him any longer.You saw Claude walk in the opposite direction you're in.You waited until you couldn't see the glow of the candle anymore.You ran to the door quietly and slowly opened it.You saw a lump in the bed and walked over to the bed."Ciel..."You said softly.You was about to pick him up but then you felt something pull your arms to your side.

         "What the hell?!"You said grunting,looking down to see spider webs wrapped around your body.You looked over your shoulders to see Claude."I knew Michaelis would send you."Claude said smirking as he walked to you.Claude leaned into your ears."Your a beautiful butterfly...that fell in the spiders trap."Claude whispered in your ear making you shiver.You tried to loosen the webs but ened up making them tighter and making them cut your skin.You growled and grabbed the knife in your shirt with your mouth and started cutting the webs with the knife.'Dang it...'You finally cut through the webs and took off running.

          You ran down the hallway and turned a corner and realized you didn't grab Ciel.You stopped running and turned around to come face to face with Hannah.You turned to see Claude so you decided to go the the other direction but saw the triplets."Hannah."Claude said looking at you with a smile.

(Sebastian's POV)

       "Whats taking her so long."I said to myself as I walked to the manor.I knew the rest of the servants were asleep so i just went straight to my room.'I can leave in the morning before they all wake up.'I sat in the bed until 5am,then got up and left silently.I started the walk to the Trancy manor.


I made it to the trancy manor to see Claude dressing the young master.I got upset so i broke down a tree making it hit other trees and knocking them down.There's still something nagging me...where is Y/N?I walked down towards the manor looking around for her.I heard someone arguing with another person and ran towards the voice.I made it somewhat close to the voice,which sounded like Y/N's voice,until 'it' showed up."Sebastian,i had a feeling you'd come looking for your dear daughter."Hannah said smirking."Well...i always thought you were stupid like Y/N always said behind your seems that you're at the least a little smart."I said returning the smile making her frown.

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