Hey guys! I'm soooooooooooo sorry for not updating in a while. I jut had writers block and everything so yeah....this chapter may be a little short. But hey, at least I'm updating!

Harry POV

Paige and I went to the the theater to watch Save Haven, and we were really enjoying the movie until Paige got a phone call from my mum and ran out of the theater. I went to go check in her and she was on the ground in tears.

"PAIGE?? Paige what's wrong??"

"Lou-Louis fell down the st-stairs and they had to br-brig him to the hospital."

"What are we still doing here then?! Lets go see him!!"

I grabbed her hand and we ran out of the theater and drove to the hospital as fast as we could. We finally arrived at the hospital and saw my mum. My mum was in tears, and ran over to me and Paige

"I'm so sorry. We were upstairs and he was walking around and he got to close to the stairs and I went to go grab him to get him out of the way and I wasn't fast enough and he fell ad I'm so sorry Harry and Paige." She just wouldn't stop apologizing, I mean I know she's sorry but as long as little Louis is okay then it's not thats big of deal.

"Mum. MUM! It's okay. I promise. How's he doing?"

"He's fine. He just needs to stay here to make nothing happened to head when he fell and he may have la de on his arm wrong. So he may have broke it.."

"Okay. Where's Darcy?"

"She's with your father in lou's room. "

"Mum, why don't you go get dad and wait in the waiting room ad we will let you know how things are going"

"Yeah, okay."

Paige and I walked Into the room and saw Louis in the bed with Darcy and my dad sitting beside them in a chair. Louis and Darcy looked so tired and scared.

"Dad, why don't you go wait with mom in the waiting room?"

"Okay, let us know if you need anything"

He walked out of the room and I went an grabbed Darcy from the bed and held her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started crying. Paige walked over to louis' bed ad sat down.

"Louis, how are you soon baby?" Paige asked him.

"My head hurts mommy, and my arm."

"Grandma told us you fell down their stairs. You need to be more careful hun. We don't need this happening again."

"Okay mommy."

Paige looked up at me and he had a hint of worry in her eyes.

"Paige, he will be okay." I whispered to her. She just nodded ad looked back at Lou.

Little Louis' POV. ( what the little kids POV??? I think so! He's now 3, that's why he's talking and walking)

I was still in this scary place grandma told me was the hospital. When we got here a bunch of doctors were rushing to help me and they kept asking a bunch of questions. I want my mommy and daddy here.

"Louis can you tell me who this is?" A doctor asked as he pointed to my grandma.

"Yes. That's grandma"

"Very good, what about him?"


"And who's this?"


"Good. I don't think he lost any memory. But he needs to have a CT scan done to check his head and eveything." The doctor said to grandma and grandpa.

"Okay, his parents should be here soon we just called them"

The doctor walked away and grandma ranting my side and kept saying 'I'm sorry' 'I'm so sorry'

Grandpa walked into the room holding Darcy. She looked like she was crying. I latte the side of my bed and pointed to her. Grandpa set her down on my bed. She wrapped her arms around me and began crying. Again.

"Darcy, I'm okay. I'm gonna be fine."

She looked up at me and wiped her eyes.

"Are you sure?"



After about 15 minutes my mom and dad walked in and grandma ran to them and began talking really fast and she was crying.

This was gonna be a long night.

Sorry to put all this hospital stuff in here. But hey, it's keeping my story going. I will update soon!!!!

-becca xx


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