The one where Ally and Normani get stuck in a car.

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"Mani, I love you, but you're an idiot." Ally jokingly says to her best friend.

"That's not fair! You wanted me to pick YOU up, not vice versa." Not in a joking mood, Normani says back sharply.

"My car is in the shop! How was I gonna get here?!" She would've gone by herself if it wasn't, probably.

"I'm just sayin, if I didn't pick you up then we wouldn't be in this mess."

"Even if you didn't pick me up this could have happened! Your car decided to be a butthole, not me!" She did have a point.

"I think you should invest in a car you can see out of."

"I can see out of Gina and don't change the subject, this is your fault."

"Okay so we can't get out."

"And you're an idiot."

"I'm only human!"

*Le sigh* "I'm sorry for making you feel less than human. I just wanted to remind you that this is all your fault."

"I know it is, don't rub it in."

How does a car malfunction this hard?

"Call one of the girls and tell them that we're stuck out front." Ally suggests.

"Ummm how about we don't?"

"Why not?"


"You don't have your phone do you?" Ally asked already knowing the answer.

"Well where's your phone, huh?" Normani questioned.

"Oh no sweetie I have my phone. It's just....dead." Ally said mumbling dead.

"Care to explain why its dead?" Mani folded her arms and turned towards her.

"Cause it is......I text a lot of people, ok. I...I like to call people." Ally was running on nothing at this point.

"Just admit it. You were talkin to Troy. You don't have to lie about it."

"I really don't know why my phone is dead. I haven't spoken to Troy in a month and the only people I've been talking to are you, my parents, and the girls." So why was my phone dead? She thought.

"Matter of fact, I didn't even use my phone today besides texting you to come pick me up. But, you know what I did do?" Ally came to a conclusion in her head.

Normani looked around the car and at anything that wasn't Ally.

"Well actually you pulled up, honked the horn and I came bouncing out the house to the car only to realize, I left my purse in the house." Ally was looking straight at Normani now, eyes not wavering at all.

"Then what?" Normani had the nerve to ask knowing full well what.

"I gave you my phone to hold Normani. Therefore you are the one who killed my phone, not me."

"I just played one game! And looked through your messages, but how would that kill your phone? Unless you have the worse phone ever." Normani tried to justify her actions.

"You know what Normani, I'm tired of you making fun of my phone. I know its not the best, but-"

"Not the best? It's the worst! You really need a new phone." Normani said interrupting Ally.

"Don't you think I know that? I just don't have time to get a new phone." Ally sighed turning to look out the window.

"We could literally go now, Ally." She put her hands on the steering wheel ready to go.

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