"Kash," August called my name for the hundredth time now. Instead of answering I rolled my eyes and continued fixing my hair. He was acting like I was rushing as it is. After coming back from going out with his mom I had to take another shower, and I was going to re-straighten my hair but it was like as soon as we came in the door he insisted we take a shower, together so I had no time. Then we both got dressed and I wanted to look perfect but him rushing me wasn't helping. You cant rush perfection.

Five minutes later I walked out ready to go. He was already dressed and looking his best. Braden picked this dress out specifically and although it wasn't my style I couldn't deny how good I looked and judging by the look on August's face, he couldn't either.

"So how do I look," I twirled around giving him a view of my outfit.

"You look beautiful, but you do all the time."

I smiled damn near blushing and looked away from him fluffing up my hair, "Thanks to you I didn't have time to straighten my hair though."

"I'll give you some cash to get it redone if you want," he stood up from his place on the couch, "But it looks better natural to me anyway."

"You think?"


I smiled at that, thinking the opposite. Boys approached me way more when my hair was straight but if he liked it like this then I was glad because I hated straightening it anyways.

Walking to the door waiting on him to join me. Watching him make his way over I looked him over. He looked so handsome and it was kind of hard to believe sometimes that he would be interested in little old me. I knew there would be girls at this party, everyone who was anybody would be there. Mace was throwing it so I know it was going to be over the top and since it was August's birthday, he would be getting lots of attention so I planned to keep a close eye on him. Not that I didn't trust him, I didn't trust the hoes.


If I thought that pool party he threw a while back was packed, this was worse. There were cars lining his big ass driveway and car's all up the street. Tonight there was a huge security guard at the front gate. All August had to do was roll down his window and the guy was addressing him by his first name and wishing him a happy birthday.

"Finally you got here, I thought you weren't about to come to your own party."

The guy turned his attention to me and back at August, "You brought a date?"

"This is my girl Kash, Kash this is Clay," August introduced us and I smiled and gave him a wave.

"Nice to meet you, I'm not going to take up ya'll time, ya'll go in, have a good night," he said and with a push of a button the gate was opening.

"I didn't even notice the gate last time," I spoke up. This place really was like some kind of fortress.

"Why would you, when you were to busy gawking at the house."

"You blame me, this place is a hotel I could never live in something this big."

"Speak for yourself."

August wrapped an arm around my waist as we headed towards the front door. I could hear the music plain as day from the driveway and knew that it was about to be a crazy night.

When we opened up the front door everyone near had there eyes on us. The girls were eyeing August hard and the guys were dapping and greeting August, everyone wishing him a happy birthday. I never noticed the way people reacted towards him besides the girls. It was like everyone we walked by acknowledged him and I'm sure he didn't know everyone. I was getting looks as well from both girls and guys, I didn't know if it was from me being with August or if it was my hair. It made me stick out, that was for sure.

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