chap.5 :]

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(graham's pov)

Dear journal, 

I met someone. She’s like no one else ive met. She’s the complete opposite of clea, and such a free spirit. I met her last night while me and clea were hunting, clea killed a deer and while she was goring on the animal I hear rustling in the bushes. when I turned around I saw a beautiful pale vampire with dark chocolate eyes and shaggy brown hair,. he was standing next to what seemed like her friend who had the most beautiful eyes (except for clea’s) that I have ever seen, like green, blue and gray all at once. They both walked out and introduced themselves. The short lively vampire came out and smiled and said her name was hallie. The other male vampire smiled and said his name was zubair. I stared in awe, besides clea ive never seen other vampires and especially not ones who seemed so friendly. Of course clea didn’t like them but I was determined to find out more out this hallie. Once I told her my name and clea’s, they asked if they could hunt with us, clea growled and said of course not, then turned to me and said stay away from them, and I for the first time in many years didn’t obey her. I walked towards them and said sure. Hallie then took my hand and looked to clea and smiled like she just won a prize clea had been dying to have. Clea just glared at her and bared her fangs then ran away. Once she was gone, hallie and zubair started laughing, which I found strange but it was such a pleasant sound that I just had to smile in response. “she has you on a tight leash huh?” hallie said, and my god her voice of like a thousand angles singing. “what?” I asked, “your girlfriend?” she said expectedly. “oh no, she’s not my girlfriend she’s my…” I mean what could I say? My friend? Were we even friend anymore? “…master” I finished, even though it tasted weird on my tongue calling clea that. “ohhhh your master? Whoa someone likes it rough hahaha” zubair said while laughing, he seemed like a big child, and just seeing him made me want to smile. “no I mean my vampire master, she chose to turn me into a vampire but I must do everything she asks. At this point hallie was looking at me strange. “then why are you here with us when she asked you to leave with her.?” she asked with curiosity. I stared at her for a few moments before answering in a whisper, looking straight into her eyes. “because I wanted to know you” she smiled. And zubair, the childish vampire cut in “you guys should like totally start making out now, it’d be so awesomtasical” I turn to see his face and I could tell he was just joking, and I had to laugh at him. Never in my mortal or vampire life had I known people so carefree and so happy that you just cant help but want to be around them. After that hallie let go of my hand and said if I wanted to get to know them that I better keep up, and before I could reply and ask what she meant, she ran away somewhere in the forest. I followed and ran, and saw her every few seconds before she disappeared out of my sight and hid in the bushes again. I hadn’t had fun like that in a long time. And while we barely caught any game, I did get to know hallie and zubair pretty well. They were best friends, they’ve know each other for over 50 years, and mostly hunted humans. They weren’t too fond of  animal blood. Zubair was darker than most vampires having slightly dark skin, and had dark black hair, he stood tall but seemed soft and cuddly like a teddy bear. Hallie was extremely pale, even for a vampire and had dark brown eyes and soft brown shaggy hair that had to be flipped out of her face constantly. Her smile lit up and her had an almost baby looking face. When it came time for me to return home, I almost didn’t want to come back, but I knew I couldn’t leave clea alone. Zubair and hallie told me that they were staying in the woods for a few weeks and that I could come by anytime I wanted to hunt or hang out with them, I told them id be back, and hopefully I will, I want to know more about hallie. I havent like this for anyone besides clea, maybe I can learn to love hallie and forget about clea? Maybe its time for me to move on? Could I fall in love with someone else? Im not sure but I think I should try, after all I deserve happiness don’t I? maybe hallie is the key to my happiness…. 

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