Chapter 1 Happy Anniversary

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I had just arrived home from school and would love to see a letter from grandma. She always knew how to cheer me up when I was down. I went to the mail box and saw a couple of bills, news paper and other letters for Mum. As I took them out a small soft package fell between my fingers and landed on to the grass. The package said on the front of it, "To Bella.". I smiled and walked inside to open it. The minute I cut the top off the package a smell of old spice and roses came out of the package and I knew it was from Grandma Josephine. There was a small box and a letter inside.

Dear Bella,

I am writing to you about the box that you have in your hands. In it is a necklace that I found in a market place as I was traveling through Italy. This necklace is very special I think, well that is what the guy said when I bought it. But you know everyone at a market place is calling everything special because they just want to get more money out of you. Well I hope you love it and I hope you think it's special . I love you so much my dear's granddaughter. I wish I could be there to give you this but I can't , good bye Bella.

Love you ,

your Grandma Josephine, xoxo

I read the letter over and over. I wished that my grandma was here. I haven't seen my Grandma for three years because she had been traveling all over the world for work and a holiday . So I always looked forwards for a letter from her. After looking at the letter I opened the box and there sitting in the box was the necklace. It wasn't like any necklace that I have ever seen before. It had a sliver chain. The sliver wasn't any kind of sliver I have seen before it was almost like glass, it was so detailed on how it was woven through each part of the chain that it looked hand made. At the end of the chain was a red stone that was held by a sliver vine of a smaller chain that held it in place, it was beautiful. Mum walked in about ten minutes later and saw me sitting in the living room. She set down her stuff and came over and sat down to next to me and said, "What's wrong Bella?"

"Oh nothing I got a package from Grandma today. And school was boring."

"Oh is that what you got today? " As she pointed to the necklace.

"Yes it is. Grandma said that it was special"

"I don't know why grandma said it was special. It looks old. Well I have to do some work. " Mum smiled at me and got up to put the food away.

I took the necklace up stairs to my room and about ten minutes later; Mum came in to my room.

"Bella, if it makes you happy your Grandma  is coming to visit in two weeks. I just got the email."

I was so surprised , I thought she was traveling for another six months. But I am guessing she is home. But why didn't I get a letter for a call from Grandma that she was back. I looked at mum and replied, "Ok YAY! I didn't even know she was home."

"It's a surprise that is why you didn't know. It's for Grandma's and Grandpa 50th anniversary. We are going to get the whole family together and have a big party. Your Aunty Ruby is coming over to help us get ready, because the party is in two weeks. So can you do something for me?"


"Well can you go up to the attic and get some books for me? I need books about parties and cooking for parties, why don't you fine all the books that say party on them. ok."

So I walked upstairs to the attic. I stopped at the door, I hated the attic but I love surprise parties so I will face my fear and opened the door to the attic. I walked in and found lights. Then I went over to the boxes that said "books" on them. Before Grandma and Grandpa left they had to leave some books behind. Well that not true, they left 35 boxes of books, and they weren't all cooks books. There could be books about Animals, science, English, world history, cooking, sewing, gardening and so on. But I didn't know what ones were parties books all the boxes were the same.

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