Chapter 3 - The surprise

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Sorry it took forever to load this people who actaully read this. I've been swamed with tests that just keep coming. And in another week, yeah, more tests, but they count for half of my final grade. YAY!!!!!!! -please note the sarcasm there. ANYways hope you enjoy this part, i wont put marks pov for a while, just to add mystery to the story.

- Jordan :3


Jess’ POV

I ran hard until I hit the staircase to my dorm. Nobody used it of course. People are lazy. Even though i get why they didn't use the stairs. They have an elevator, why use the stairs when it is faster to get to their dorm. Sinking down on one of the steps on the 3rd floor, I thought about everything that just happened.

How dare he say that I’m selfish! I mean I know I’m the most gracious person in the world but that doesn’t mean I’m spoiled either. My parents are great, though sometimes I feel that I don’t really know them. But I love them never the less.  And I can use my powers!

I cringed slightly at the thought of my powers. I hit Mark more than I thought I would. But you can’t blame a girl when a guy is totally dissing you, right?

Right, I nodded to myself. I don’t need him. I’ll learn my powers by myself. I only have 4 left to access and then he can leave.

I read when I was little about the type of powers quinteckies have. All quinteckies have 5 powers they master, hence the reason why they are called quinteckies (Quint=five). Controlling inanimate objects is what every person has when you have my power. You control one of the 4 elements: fire, water, earth, air. But I’ve heard that some of these powers come with extra powers that are connected to that element. Like Megan Chi, she is a famous warrior with the element fire. I read once that she also controls energy, like she can give herself power boosts, which is helpful to her since she is a warrior in the army. But also she can take away life energy from her opponents.  

Then you have some sort of defense power, even though the other two can be classified as defense. This power is like force fields or something like that. Truly I didn’t read thoroughly about that one, it didn’t sound as cool as the others. Then there is a camouflage power, like animal shifting, invisibility, or there’s this cool power where you can change into different people and act like them and nobody will know.

And the last power all inherit is excellent fighting techniques. Although I’ve never tried using that side, people of my kind are known for being fierce when this comes out, and hurting people.

Sigh, I guess I have already hurt someone with my power, even though he deserved it. UGH!!!!! Why does he always have to be the last thing I think about? Grrrrrrrrrrrr, damn him.

Sigh, I guess I have already hurt someone with my power, even though he deserved it. UGH!!!!! Why does he always have to be the last thing I think about? Grrrrrrrrrrrr, damn him.

I wonder what his problem is. It’s not like I did anything to make him hate me so much, But I can truly see his hatred for me in his eyes and I’m totally confused by it.

Not like I have the courage to ask him, I may be tough on the outside, but remember I don’t have friends and I’m kind of insure about myself.

Shocker I know, but if you think about it, it truly makes sense. If nobody wants to be friends with you, how would you feel, confident about yourself? Nope, probably exactly the opposite. And even though I have become surer about myself, that doesn’t mean I don’t worry about it.

Jess you need to stop mopping about yourself. You shouldn’t give a crap about what other people think of you I told myself.

“Jessica?” a voice called out somewhere below.

 "Who's there?" i asked

"Who do you think Jess....... God?" he called back.

I only knew one person who would ever make that joke with me. i rushed down the stairs and ran into the waiting hug.


I hugged the crap out of my old an. I've missed him so much since the last break form school. "Why are you hear dad?"

"Your mother and i got a call from the dean saying you are finally being taught to use your powers," he untangled himself from my hug and put on his fony serious face, indicating to me he was compltely joking around with me now." And so i brought it on my own power to see who your teacher is and approve of him."

 I giggled at his proclamation. i decided to speak in my royal british accent, "oh why thank you kind sir," curtsing, "for caring to such an extent to come out here and have a adult conversation with my teacher."

Laughing, my dad returned to his fatherly manner." So why are you here, don't you have class right now," he eyed me suspiously.

Damn, talk about being caught red handed, so naturally i lied. "Nope, my teacher let me out early."

"And what teacher is that, considering nobody else is out of class yet ."

" The teacher you're here to talk to Mark."

“Well then let’s go find him,” my father smiled

I lead him to the gym, where I thought Mark was still there. But obviously he wasn’t since I went in and saw all the basketballs and tennis balls all put away on the side wall of the gym.

“He’s not here,” I whispered, disappointed. Wait. Why the hell am I disappointed? It’s not like I don’t know where he is if he’s not here. Just in his room. Jess when dad leaves you need to have a mental checkup, I thought to myself. “Come on dad, I know where he is.”

When went back to the dorms and up to my floor. I ran ahead of my dad to get Mark, fore warning him. Although I don’t know why, he doesn’t deserve it. But I always feel bad when my dad meets teachers. He is always kind of brutal with them, not physically, but I guess mentally. He can wear them out with his stream of questioning.

I knocked on his door. “Mark, it’s me Jessica. Open up!”

From inside I heard mark yell, “Go away! I was sleeping!”

“My dad wants to meet you. Get off your lazy ass and get your butt out here,” I snapped at him, once again annoyed with his attitude.

Unlocking the door, Mark emerged from his slumber. But he had he weirdest expression on his face, like he was alert for something. Maybe he already had some encounter from overprotected parents, who knows. “Ok heads up about my dad. He is kind of rough with parent teacher meets. I remember last year he spent 3 hours interrogating my language arts teacher,” I whispered to him, but looking at the end of the hallway.

But when I looked back at him, he was already talking to my dad. What the hell? I was talking to him, helping him even. What a douche bag. Walking up to them, i braced myself for the first time for a parent teacher meeting

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