Its Ella

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"Keep your ass in your room!" My brother slurred drunkinly and slammed my door. I can't believe he told me to go to sleep when there's a God damn party going on downstairs.

How the hell did he expect me to sleep?

"Ugggghhh" I put my pillow on my face as a thought came to my mind. I'm not staying in here while everyone has fun downstairs. That's not fair, everytime my stupid brother and his stupid friends have a party I'm always forced to stay in my room but it was my house god it wasn't fair. This party was especially the most important because it was the last party of the summer before school started back up on Monday.

Nate was lucky that I wasn't a snitch because I would of told our parents long ago that he throws partys every time they are out of town.

I threw myself out of bed and opened my door. I peeked over the railing to see downstairs and it looked like everyone was having fun, it was jam packed in here and the music was extremely loud.

I smiled feeling jittery inside as I made my way down the stairs. This was the first high school party that Ive ever been to. I know it sounds crazy but Even though most of them we're in my house this was my first time actually joining the party.

Amongst the grinding and makeout sessions in the crowded room I pushed my way through everyone trying to figure out where I should go or what I should do.

Drink alcohol? Find a boy to dance with? there was just so much to do, I felt like a kid In a candy store.

"What are you doing down here?"
A strong arm clasp onto my arm. I nervesously turned to face Nate only to see that it was one of Nates best friends Colton who grabbed me.

"I'm having fun what are you doing?" I answered back sarcastically. He looked a little buzzed but not to much since he actually noticed I was downstairs. I guess Nate told his friends to keep an eye out for me.

Ugh I hated him.

"Come on let's get you back upstairs Nate's little sister" Cotlons deep voice rumbled as he rubbed his temples and led the way to the steps. I huffed and followed after him since he was pulling me by the wrists anyways.

Once we got to my bedroom I opened the door and was irritated that he came with me into my room.

"What are you making sure I go to bed or something? God Colton I'm not a baby!" I huffed irritatedly.

"I know that" colton mumbled.
"I just wanted to know if you had any advil or anything, my head is killing me" I just realized that he did keep rubbing his temples.

"Ill check" I said lowly going to my bathroom. I suddenly felt bad. Colton was only looking out for me I guess and I snapped on him. He's very hot and popular but since he's my brothers best Friend and Always listened to Nate when it came to sheidling me away from the parties I guess it just made me dislike all of Nate's friends. I glanced at myself in my mirror after getting the Advil out of it.

My long brown hair lay flat and straightened down my back while my eyes looked the same soft brown color but my face was flushed.

I bit my bottom lip and exited the bathroom wondering why I had a slight blush shadowing my cheeks.

"Here you go" I handed Colton two advils and he quickly popped them in his mouth. "Thanks" he mumbled.

"No problem" I plopped down on my bed just watching him. This was actually my first time having a guy in my room before besides my brother. It was kind of exciting.

"Do you mind if I sit In here for a bit? Its to loud downstairs." H asked me while taking off his varsity football jacket. 

"Sure" I smiled.

He slowly walked over to me and sat down right next to me on my bed. His cologne quickly invaded my nose,  I loved the smell and I'm sure he didn't mean for his leg to brush against mine but it did and I didn't complain.

"So, drink to much?" I asked trying to start conversation. I mean he was one of the hottest guys in our school, or probably our state. Yes he was that good looking.

"Too much" Colton groaned. Laying backward onto my bed. "I'm never drinking again." He added and I laughed.

"I'm serious" he smiled. His smile was beautiful. It made me feel happy inside to even have made him smile.

"Your lying." I moved up so I was laying next to him. "Everyone says that and maybe you will stop for a day but soon as my brother has another party you'll be here, a girl on one arm and a beer in your other hand." I teased and he sat up a bit to look me in my eyes.

"How do you know this?" His green eyes bore into me with curiosity.

"Thats just the type of guy that you are" I shrugged nonchalantly.

Colton pressed his lips together looking as if he was In deep thought.
"How do you know what type of guy I am?" He asked while looking into my eyes. He tried to sound disintereted when he asked me but I knew he wanted to know what I thought.

"Because I just know." I smiled.

"You know, your kind of cute" he smirks while momentarily touching my chin. A million tingles travel throughout my body from his touch.

My eyes widened and his smirk deepened.

"Kind of cute?" I teased.

His smirk dissapeared and his face turned serious. "Your gorgeous actually, Nate's little sister."

My eyes immediately rolled to the back of my head at his comment.
"I do have a name you know." I pointed out to him. "And it's not 'Nate's little sister."

"Oh?" He raised his eyebrows playfully. His dark eyes growing lighter.
"And what would that be?"

"Ella." I stated proudly. "Its Ella"

"Well Ella." Colton said playfully. "You are beautiful."

Colton and I continued to talk literally about anything and everything we could talk about. Even as the party died down downstairs we talked and talked and got to know each other.  I was surprised at some things I discovered about him.

Like that he use to play football, he wanted to hopefully play college football until the beginning of this year he broke his leg and was kicked off of our team which was horrible.

He has a sister that goes to our school, And he loves to mostly hang out in his house but the parties are just things he does when he's bored.

"So why do you switch your girlfriends almost every week?" I asked him.

"You noticed" he chuckled and I smiled.

"Well I don't particularly want to be tied down to one girl, I like variety." He informed me and I shook my head understanding.

Typical Player standards.

"So have you ever been in an actual real relationship?" I finally asked. Colton immediately stared to the side of Me.

"Damn the sun is up already." He mumbled standing up from my bed.

"Wow" I stood up with him in amazement. "We literally talked all night long. "

We smiled at each other for a while it seemed. So far colton was one of Nate's friends that I actually liked now.

"I had fun" he smirked leaning down to hug me. It was short and sweet, but it was just what I wanted.

"Me too" I added.

"Ill see you around." Colton smiled and walked towards my bedroom door.

"Okay bye" I said softly. Feeling like I made a friend in him and was sad to see him go. I didn't like this feeling at all.

Besides, I had a boyfriend anyway and Colton was the Mr. Popular, non-caring guy so I don't even know why I thought I made a friend, I already knew we would go back to school and everything would be the same, he would go back to his variety of girls and I would stand in the backround shaking my head at his whore-ish ways.

Like always.

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