~Calista’s Point of View~

    It took my dad a few days before he really came around. What really pushed him over the edge was the fact that Stephan paid off his loan for the castle in full. My dad didn’t know he had so much wealth. Stephan had hidden the location of the treasury when the curse first took affect. No one but him and his servants knew its location.

    It also helped that Dad didn’t have to do anything now. That he had people waiting on him. Asking him for guidance. My dad felt so important now and adjusting nicely with having so many in the castle.

    Stephan had convinced my dad and I to move into rooms in the royal wing of the castle. We didn’t have to move a thing either. The servants were happy to do everything for us. They were just happy to be among the living and real again.

    After Stephan left me in the hands of Anca and Mirela to change that day, I was shocked when I looked into the mirror. I was glancing over my shoulder and saw that I no longer had a scar above my tattoo. My skin was smooth and you could see the whole tattoo in all its detail.

    I also didn’t have any scratches from anything the guys had done. The graze of the bullet wasn’t anywhere on my shoulder blade. I had healed completely when I had changed.

    Unfortunately it didn’t happen so fully for Stephan. His wound had been more serious as the bullet had tore him up a little bit. Nothing serious was hit thankfully. It only took him a week to fully heal. Another thing that helped my dad get comfortable with the reality of what Stephan and I were.

    Dad was even there when I attempted my second change. When a werewolf was in control of their beast, they were able to change any time. I had control immediately as all werewolves were, and now Stephan’s beast was tamed because of my confession of love.

    It always makes me smile when I remember my dad standing there that night. He was still in shock. Even so, he came up to me, bent down to kneel, and gave my the best rubbing I had ever thought I could be given. Stephan was laughing when my legs had given out because of my dad’s rubbing. I felt like a very loved puppy. But I got Stephan back. I tackled him and had him down on the ground with my teeth in his thick fur, then I released him and sashayed away in triumph. My tail swaying with my hips.

    Even though its just March, I didn’t have to go to school. Stephan had reclaimed his birthright as ruler over this region. He did give up some land as this modern age things like this doesn’t happen. Because he was soon to be crowned king, he put his foot down with the school to give me my diploma as I had more than proficiently proven I was eligible for it. With a little griping, they agreed as long as I took one final test to which I had passed with flying colors.

    I was now learning to be very proper. To be the lady worthy of a king’s love. I had Anton and his lovely wife helping me. He told me of royal politics as they used to be and what he’s been about to do researching with my help. His wife has been teaching me about etiquette and poise.

    When I got a chance, Cosmin, a trainer of the royal horses that oddly enough had been apparitions themselves, had been giving me riding lessons. I was learning how to ride sidesaddle which was customary for a future Queen. I didn’t mind. I always wanted to learn. Even my dad was learning just to do something with me as we tend to have little time together.

    Mirela and Anca have been gloriously ecstatic with dressing me. They loved clothing and the new styles that the modern age had. Anca even asked permission from Stephan to pursue some fashion degree in her spare time. He most graciously agreed.

    Right now they were dressing me for a intimate ball Stephan had been planning for a few weeks now. He had invited many of the other leaders of our kind. Most being royals themselves. Tonight would be my first time acting like a queen.

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