Chapter 15: It's raining it's pouring~

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It was just a week before your parents come back. When they do, Aomine and you would be separated... may be forever who knows...

The rejection between Kise and you went well, and you decided you would go back home. When you returned you saw Aomine sleeping on the couch and strayed beer cans on the floor. He has been drunk again huh?

You sat on the table and stared at his sleeping face. He seemed so peaceful. He seems so relaxed... so handsome. You sighed, not wanting to think about anything anymore. What's good about fawning over somebody who doesn't like you back?

You draped a blanket over his sleeping figure... You traced your finger on his cheeks, and poked his forehead. What is so good about him that it makes you fall for him? You gently laid a kiss on his forehead.

"Here's the kiss I need to return." You whispered at him before walking away back into your room.


You woke up at 5 in the evening, and you frowned noticing you had fallen asleep without even noticing on the study desk. In front of you was a notebook. You had written your feelings... and now there was drool all over it.

"Great." You muttered. You went to the bathroom to wash your face, then went down the stairs.

What you saw in the living room sent you shocked. Aomine... making out... with... a girl.

To make it worse, it was the waitress from the pizza shop which you got fired. Etsuba or Etsuko or something. (A/N: Chapter 1. The bitchy pizza waitress~)

You could feel yourself suffocating. The two making out were too deep in love to notice you standing there with tears welling in your eyes. You froze at the spot, not knowing what to do. He's a man whore. And you couldn't believe you thought he liked you when he kissed you. He probably kissed every single woman with that lips of his.

You quickly wiped your tears starting to stream down your face.

"What do you think you're doing in the living room?" You frowned, trying your best to control your temper, but your voice sounds really angry, and broken.

Aomine pushed Etsuko away from him to face at you.

"[Name]..." Aomine muttered, guilt flashing across his face. Etsuko on the other hand was smiling triumphly.

"Look [Name], it's not what it looks like." He explained.

"Save it, Aomine. I'm pretty sure I saw your hands discovering her like you were freaking Christopher Columbus." You said through gritted teeth.

"I- I didn't-"

"I hate you Aomine. I hate you so fucking much. If it wasn't for that-"

"Look, I'm-"

"LET ME FINISH! If it wasn't for that trip my parents are going on, I wouldn't have to stay with you man whore. I wish I never kissed you, I wish we never met together. Moreover, I wish we don't have anything to do with in the future."

"WHAT THE H- ... Would you fucking let me explain?!"

"I DON'T CARE what you have to explain to me. I don't even think explanation is necessary. THE 'FRIENDSHIP' BETWEEN YOU AND I NEVER LASTED. I hate you, I don't want to see you anymore. Do whatever the fuck you wish. I don't give a firetrucking middle finger. Have fun with the bitch you have made out with. I wish you guys have fabulous babies." You screamed, flashing them the middle finger and walking out of the house.


Aomine's POV

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