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I sat on the bed where he left me, tied up and frozen in fear. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to run, tell somebody, call the police, but I couldn’t. 
I could hear him in the kitchen, opening and closing the kitchen cabinets.

I took it all in mind, that man, that criminal in my kitchen, had actually raped me… And now he was acting like he was a roommate of mine. I felt sick, used…
I heard him open the fridge, humming a melody at the same time. I wanted to wipe a tear from my cheek but I couldn't reach due to my tied up wrists and chest. I didn’t want to be the weak one; I didn’t want to be the victim. But this guy had control, and I should be wise not to disobey him.

In the corner of my eye I suddenly saw a flashing light. I turned my head to find my mobile phone on the bedside table. I looked at the closed door, to make sure he wasn’t going to find me reach for it. In a second I grabbed it and rose. I looked down on the screen, Chad.
I answered by bending my head forward, stretching myself to the limit, also putting my life on the line.

“Chad…?” I whispered. I needed to tell him right away, before the man came inside again.
“Niall? Why weren’t you in school today? Liam told me you were ill… is everything alright? Do you have a sore throat or something you sound horrible” My caring boyfriend asked, sounding worried.
“Chad, I am not ill, there is a man here, he's keeping me here, please help me… call the police” I whispered, listening carefully for any footsteps outside the room.

“Is this a joke Niall? What is going on!?” Chad asked, his voice high pitched in fear.
“Please, help” I pleaded before I suddenly heard how the man outside made movements towards my room.
I hung up without another word and put the phone down on the table before spinning around just as the man walks in.

“What are you doing? I heard you talking” The man said and closed the door behind him. I had no idea what to do;
He walked up to me and I backed up against the wall. He pressed his chest against mine as he brought up his hands to my face. He strokes his palms on my jaw with his ice blue eyes staring on me with big amazed eyes.

“How old are you Angel?” He asked, his garlic breath pierced threw my nostrils. He must have eaten the left overs of my meatloaf. He still didn't know my name.
“18…” I whispered, keeping my gaze on anything else but him. He smirked at me and leaned in.
He kissed my lips and I had to force myself into freeze mode. He entered my mouth and slowly letting his tongue visit every corner.

I wrinkled my face, I felt repulsive for even letting this devil do this.
His hands traveled down to my waist and made a trace back. He suddenly turned to his right, seeing the phone flash on the nightstand. 
He stopped his movements. he looked at me and pulled back. He grabbed the phone from the nightstand and held it up. I coward into the corner, preparing myself for any punishment he had for me.

The man looked at me like he was betrayed. He threw the phone to the ground and stomped on it with one foot, crashing it to pieces.
“Who's Chad?” He hissed and grabbed my hair in his fist. I whimpered at the pain in my scalp and prayed Chad had called the police now.
That’s when the front door opened.

“Niall!? NIALL!?” I heard Chad's voice yell in the hall. Was he alone? Where were the cops?
The man put his hand on my mouth just as I was about to yell for him.
“Shhhh…” The southman shushed, his face an inch from mine. He pulled his gun out of his pocket slowly, aiming it to my face.

As the door opened with a jerk, the man pulled me forward, placing me before him. I was now between the two of them, with a gun aimed on me.
Chad was standing by the door, looking horrified on me and my kidnapper.
“Nice of you to stop by…” The man said to Chad, pressing the gun on my temple. He held his other hand on my mouth, keeping me quiet.

“Let him go right now, let’s stop this before you hurt someone” Chad said in a calm tone, handling the situation good. He held his hands up in defense, showing he didn’t mean any harm.
“Sweet little Niall here doesn’t know how to shut up” Manny said and placed his mouth to plant a kiss on the back of my head. I squeezed my eyes shut, begging this to be over.

“I will let him go if you tell me one thing…” Manny said.
“Did you call the police?” Manny asked and I prayed that he did. But Chad shook his head.
“I did not, I didn’t have the time” Chad said and looked at me with apologizing eyes. He had probably been so terrified for my wellbeing that he just thought about saving me.

“Good… very good” The man said and pushed me forward. I fell into Chad's arms and he embraced me. He planted a kiss on my forehead and I felt safe again, I just wish it would have last longer.
The sound of a gun echoed in the room. I jerked my head around, still with my arms around Chad's big abdomen, to find the man pointing his gun towards us, the gun had smoke coming out of it.
I wasn’t injured, but that would only mean…

I didn’t had more time to think because both me and Chad fell to the floor. Me forward, Chad backwards and I landed on his body. I looked on his beautiful face, that now had a gunshot wound on his forehead. His eyes were distant, his mouth open.
“CHAD!” I cried, looking into his lifeless brown orbs. He was dead, he was gone. I clenched my fists on his chest, grabbing the front of his shirt.

“NO CHAD DON’T LEAVE ME!” I cried. But he was already gone, I would never feel the warmth of his arms, the tickling feeling in my stomach as he smiled… he was now a memory.
“Such a shame Niall… you must have loved him deeply” I heard Manny's spiteful voice from behind me. The tears fell down on Chad's chest, he couldn’t be gone… no

“This is all your fault though love…” Manny's said as he walked in a circle around us. I looked up on him with all I felt, hatred.

“What an idiot to not call the police… I have to say that I am surprised by his stupidity” He said and chuckled.
“SHUT UP!” I cried, pressing out the tears of hate, anger and loss.
Manny looked down on me with a surprised look. He walked up to us and placed the top of the gun under my chin, forcing my head up.

“You belong to me now…” He said and looked into my eyes with a determined look. I kept my face straight, my lips in a thin line.
“Get up…” He commanded. I squeezed the grip on Chad's shirt, like a goodbye before 
I obeyed, slowly getting on my feet still with the gun under my chin. My wrists were still tied and it was hard to focus on getting up with the gun aimed at me.
“Go sit on the bed” He commanded. I looked on him with angry eyes, glowing with fresh tears. I looked down on Chad and pressed the tears out.

I slowly went to the bed and sat down. He climbed onto the bed and pulled me to lie down on the bed by my ankles.  

“Look at you… so weak” He whispered and stroke my thigh.
He picked out a roll of tape and tore a strip off. He brought it to my face and held it with his two hands.
“I know exactly where to put your boyfriend, deep down at the bottom of the lake…” He said before gagging me.

I could finally let out all of my feelings unto the tape, he wouldn’t hear what I said anyway. I called him names, told him how much I hated him. I mumbled it all behind the tape and he only smirked back at me.
“I’ll see you soon babe” He said and got off of the bed. He went over to Chad and started pulling him out of the room by his arms. I cried, calling Chad's name. I knew he wouldn’t respond, but God how I wished he would.

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