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Mags POV

Again God, I ask "WHY?!!!? Just tell me why I sit across from him in almost every class?!!?

Just an update on Will Profile...

1) most popular boy in school

2) friends with everyone

3) all the girls are crushing on him

4) did I mention this was the first day of school and that he's a new student?!!?

Well, here's what happened in science today. Sitting to my right was Serene, one of Tammi's friends. She's not THAT bad I guess, but... Anyways, as expected, she was flirting with Will and I was there to witness it all. So, I wasn't really paying attention to their conversation, but I suddenly heard Will say

"just tell me what's wrong with me, and don't say 'everything' "

At this I smirked and looked up.

"then" I said casually, "I suppose we have nothing to say"

Serene bursted out laughing.

"that's a good one Mags"

Will's new best friend chuckled and said

"dude, you just lost some coolness points there"

I laughed. After all, I'm one of the wittiest people in school. I don't know why I'm doing this, but it's just so fun to tease him.

So another thing happened in language arts. You see, again he was sitting in front of me. He asked the teacher if he could rewrite the date on the board. The teacher gave his consent so Will went up and started to rewrite it. Did I mention that his handwriting was horrible? Well it was so I couldn't stop myself from commenting.

"hey Will, that's almost as ugly as your face"


And that morning in geography, we were making some postcards. I looked at mine and said

"that's horrible. But it's not one of the most ugly things I've seen"

Will said "well then you must've seen some VERY ugly things"

The other kids around me gasped. No he didn't...

I laughed. He asked for it.

"I guess not, after all, I've been looking at your face"

Will's mouth dropped wide open. Serene laughed once more.

"ooh. She got you there Will"

Will POV

I've never been so humiliated before. It's kind if a new experience for me... Mags has been making fun of me all day, but somehow I feel like it's only strengthening our bond, not that we had one...

Maybe that's her strategy at making friends. I guess that's why she only has a few...but they're all pretty loyal. It's a pretty good strategy actually and I think I'm beginning to like her. Not like "like like" her but "like" her. She's such a fun person to be around once you get to know her. But she's also very polite to people she don't know. She gets along very well with her friends and even people that aren't her friends. She's brilliant and witty and a teacher's pet. I don't even why I've noticed these things about her...


Will sounds soooooo cheesy. Lol.

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