Chapter 11

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What will Will do now??? Hah, that sounds funny.

End A/N

Will POV

I saw Mags sneak off from the corner of my eye. *mental sigh* there went my guide.

"Will? Will!!! Are you listening?!!?" Tammi screeched.


She pouted.

"No you weren't. I-"

A bell rang. Tammi and her friends looked at each other.

"What's your first class Will?"

"um, geography"

Tammi beamed.

"that's my first class too!!! come, I'll take you"

I don't know if I'm suppose to be happy about that or not...

Mags POV

I marched into geography in a rage. I plopped myself down at an empty desk. Seems like I'm the first one here. Hands appeared on my desk suddenly.

"hello!!! I'm ms. George. Aka, your new geography teacher. How're you today?"

"hi... My name is Margarita Snow. I prefer to be called Mags. I am good, thanks. And you?"

"speak any foreign languages?"

"eh? No."

"such a shame"

More students wandered in. Ms. George clapped her hands in excitement.

"come in! Come in!"

Students looked at her weirdly, but managed to get in and sit down. Not much of a surprise, no on sat down next to me so I had two empty seats, one to my left, the other to my right. The bell rung, giving a bunch of us a surprise. After all, it's been a whole summer until we had heard the bell. Tammi and Will rushed in. Ms. George looked at them.

"Hi. My name is Tammi Russel. I'm a cheerleader and we had to meet with our coach this morning and I was showing the new student around."

Ms. George looked a bit suspicious by nodded.

"alright. Just go find your seats."

Of course, the last two seats had to be right by me. So Tammi sat down on one side and Will on the other. I sighed.

Throughout the whole lesson, well, it wasn't really one since all we did was talk about our supplies, Will and Tammi talked up a storm and I was caught in the middle of it...

Will POV

Mags looked absolutely miserable. I mean I guess I sort of understand... Anyways, I think I like this "Tammi-the-cheerleader" person. She's funny and nice, but then, she did make fun of Mags this morning... I'm sure she didn't mean it though...

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