Chap. 10

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Will POV

"Well obviously," her friend said, "Mags, you hate him."

Mags stiffened.

"I'll see you guys later. We'll be late to class"

She brushed past them, dragging me behind her.


"Don't be mad!"

"What did we-"

"We're sorry!"


I looked back and waved goodbye.

Mags POV

What was their problem? Did they have to say that? You're probably wondering why I'm so pissed. Well, FYI, I'm always mean to people that I like...and they know that. So them saying that I hate him, just about equals to liking him...a lot.

I was so embarrassed that I almost turned. Thankfully I didn't. If I change accidentally, then I might die for lack of water.

I hate to think what my parents could've gone through. First, you're holding an adorable-so they tell me-baby girl. Seconds later, it turns into a fish, and you have to hurry and put it in a fish tank. Problem is, you have no idea when it'll turn back...

I'm pulled out from my thoughts when I'm suddenly dragged backwards. I lose my balance and fall into Will... I totally forgot I was still holding his hand. He caught me and I fell into his warm embrace. I looked up to his warm smiling face.

"You alright?"

I blushed and quickly stood up.

"Yeah. Sorry 'bout that."

" 's alright. Besides, I was the one who suddenly stopped."

We stood there, gazing at each other while a sea of students flowed past us.

"uh excuse me, but weren't you going to class" Tammi said, enunciating every word.

I blushed once more.


"then why are you still here? Get out of my sight you unfashioned nerd."

Then, her attitude went through a 180 change.

"hey Will. I missed you in the last 5 minutes during which that nerd tried to steal you away"

I decided this was a pretty good time to be sneaking away. So I did. After all, what can I do now?

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