Chapter 4- I Made It!

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Jessica's POV

I was in the middle of Biology class when all of a sudden, all the guys came rushing in.

What the hell?

They looked around the room and when they found me, they got an evil look on their faces.

Oh no. This can't be good. Even though I haven't known these guys too long, I can tell that they have an evil plan for me. I should be scared now.

They all ran towards me and lifted me me up from my desk. What's up with them?

"Umm. I love you guys and all, but can you put me down." I said.

"You made the soccer team!!" Yelled Mario. They all put me down.

I made it? I made it!!!

"Oh my god!! Are you serious?!!? I made the team guys!!" I yelled at them, grabbing them into a hug again.

They all laughed. But who cares! I made the soccer team!!!

They pulled away this time.

"Oh and coach wants to talk to you." Added Jared.

I nodded at him. I looked over to Mr. Kielman. Lets just say he wasn't happy.

"May I ask what is so important, that you had to interrupt my class?" He asked the boys.

"Sorry sir. We just had some great news and it couldn't wait. We also need to borrow Jessica. Coach needs her." Jesse told him, handing him a note.

Mr. Kielman nodded.

"Alright. You are excused Jessica."

I packed up my stuff and headed out with the boys. We walked over to coache's room and knocked.

"Come in Jessica." I heard coach say.

I looked at my boys and they gave me an encouraging smile. I smiled back and I walked into his office.

"Hey Jessica. Take a seat." Said coach smiling at me. I took a seat in front of him.

"Hey coach. "

"So I'm guessing the boys told you that you made the team?" He asked.

I nodded, "thank you coach for this chance. I won't let you down."

"I know you won't. That's why I wanted to ask you something else." He continued.

"Anything coach."

"Me and the boys decided to make you team captain." He said.

My jaw dropped. What?!!?

"Coach. That's an honor. But there are better people fit for captain." I told him.

He shook his head, "I see a lot of potential in you, Garcia. All of us would be honored if you were captain."

My heart melted. These boys are too kind. They've barely met me and I love them like brothers.

"Thank you coach for giving me this opportunity. I gladly accept. I won't let you down." I stood up and shook his hand.

"Thanks Jessica. See you at practice." He said before I walked out of his office.

I was engulfed into another hug.

"Guys! Why do you want me as capitain?! " I asked them once they pulled back.

They all shrugged, "you seem like a good choice," I heard Mario say.

"But I'm a girl."


"Whatever, lets get back to class." I told them.

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