Chapters 20, 21 & 22

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Chapter 20

December 9, 2000


The man took a long drag on the cigarette, blowing smoke toward the ceiling after holding it in his lungs. Lying in bed, he reached to the table beside him and flicked off his ash before sucking in another lungful.

The woman beside him stirred, rubbing her hand up and down his belly before dropping off again.

Ivan Primalov barely noticed; his thoughts on the mission at hand. Yesterday he had received a communication from is sister Magda, letting him know that the girl was in transit overland.

But she never made it to her aunt's house.

Instead, she had arrived at his location several hours ago...the plan had gone off without a hitch!

The woman beside him snorted. Glancing her way, he sneered at the ugly shlyukha (whore).


What was it about all of the whores taking the one-word Americanized names?

Dax, Score, Bone...Did they think it would make them less ugly? That men would hear their name and get a hard-on? Did they think men so stupid?

Aggravated, Ivan flung the cigarette across the room and into the flames of the fireplace.

He should wake the bitch; she had been long enough in his bed!

His thoughts turned suddenly to his new boss...his leader.

Never had a woman so enchanted him...and yet never had a woman aggravated him to the degree of that one.

"Printsessa I'da," he mumbled with a smile. (The Ice Princess)

Thinking of her stirred something under the sheets, something he would use to claim her before this was all over.

"Hey!" he growled at the woman sleeping beside him, "Wake the fuck up!"

"Wha...what is it lyubovnik (lover)?" the woman whimpered sleepily. "I thought you were done."

Throwing the covers off of the bed, Ivan lifter her effortlessly and shoved her into the wall at the head of the bed, crowding in behind her on his knees.

"I'll tell you when I am through with you, you white-haired bitch!" he growled as he pushed deeply inside of her.

Something in his voiced warned Dax to keep quiet as she played her part, panting and moaning in time to his thrusts. Something in his voice had warned her all right...that and the fact that she had black hair...

Chapter 21

December 9, 2000


Shivering, I pushed open the door, hoping to find some hint of civilization nearby. The hinge squeaked slightly as I exited into a blizzard of blowing snow and wind. Taking a step out into the blinding whiteness, I decided that maybe this wasn't the best option. Turning around to make my way back, I found that the building was no longer there!

Wondering if I could actually freeze to death while in a dream, I decide to head back the way I had started. The snow was deep, at least two feet of it by my reckoning as I slowly trudged through the heavy whiteness.

I went on for what seemed like hours, my energy draining away with every step as I lifted one heavy leg at a time forward. My aching bones seemed ready to snap, and my muscles felt more like Lead than anything living.

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