Chapter Eleven - Pagodas in the Mist

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On the river, the small boats moved liked shoals of fish. The mist had coated the scenery with a pale cloth of cloud. For this time of autumn, everyone was busy with the preparation for the coming winter months.

Along the river were the shop houses that sold confectionary. Mooncakes were made and placed into beautiful boxs for gift-giving. Nearby the mooncake shop houses the lantern makers made finishing touches to the huge ornamental lanterns. The most popular ones were the ones that could spin while depicting fairies or flowers. These lanterns were specially made for the aristocratic and rich merchant households while they admired the moon in her fullness.

The pagodas rose in the mist, lit with lanterns.

A lone horseman cantered down the street. His mistress was a harsh and demanding one. He would not fail her again.

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