Chapter 23 ~ Improvise!

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Chrissy's POV:

"So what exactly is the plan again?" Eleanor asked

"I don't know." I replied looking around

"How do you not know? This was your idea your supposed to come up with a plan!"

"Okay, hey look let's just do what we do best, improvise!" I suggested that shut her up. I smiled and looked towards the door, to see Emily walking towards El and I.

"So this is who you dumped me for?" She asked raising an eyebrow before sitting down. I chuckled

"Yes, Emily this is Eleanor, Eleanor this is Emily." I introduced. They both said hello. I continued looking around until I spotted Sam walking in our direction, really weirdly may I add. I stared at him as he sat across from me and next to Emily. I tilted my head to the side, there was something different about him.

"You look different." I stated he looked at me and smirked waiting for me to guess I assume. "Let's see you still have the haircut I gave you, oh, I know what it is! You're wearing Mascara!" I shouted he looked down embarrassed by my outburst.

"No, I'm not." He said I inspected him again, alright where's my magnifying glass when I need it? Eleanor and Emily sat watching me watching him, and him watching me watching him. That doesn't make sense, or does it? What's different about him? I looked everywhere from his eyes, to his nose, to his mouth, to his, oh wait a minute! I couldn't help myself I bursted out laughing.

"You've got a mustache!" I said between fits of laughter. You know when someone laughs and you feel like laughing with them? Yeah? That's what happened with Eleanor. As soon as I began laughing she started as well.

Within a few minutes I had snorted causing Sam and Emily to laugh, causing some strangers to laugh. I felt my eyes begin to tear up and I could barely breathe from how much I was laughing.

"Phew, man I'm hungry." I said wiping my eyes and picking up the menu, Sam did the same.

"Yeah all that laughing sure did make me hungry!" He said Emily and Eleanor looked at each other and shook their heads at us.

"I want the spaghetti! Oh no! The chicken fried steak! Wait! I'll have the ribs. Yeah the ribs! But make sure they have the correct amount of barbeque sauce and meat, oh and give me, let's say about, hmm, five! Oh and I want some ranch in one of those fancy little containers, and I think that's all!" I said smiling at the waiter.

"I asked what you would like to drink." He said staring at me incredulously.

"Oh well then, I'll have a Mountain Dew Code Red, with ice, crushed ice! You got that? Oh and a perfectly clean slbendy straw!" I demanded. Sam and Emily looked at me like I was crazy while Eleanor was having an inner battle with herself on what to get.

"Okay and what would you like ma'am?" He asked her smiling a flirty smile. I looked over his shoulder to see no other than Jared Cameron and his sister in disguise. Eleanor looked up at him and smiled a cheeky smile back, he winked at her. Oh Hell No! That's my girl you're winking at Mister!

"I'll have The Chicken Fried steak, please" he frowned

"I asked for drinks" he sighed

"Oh, um, a sprite is fine, thank you!" She smiled back to which he checked her out some more, okay time to be the jealous girlfriend. I grabbed his hand and glared at him.

"Keep your eyes to yourself and off of my girl!" I snarled at him, he looked scared and Sam looke d at me in shock, while Eleanor got the hint and hooked her arm through mine kissing me on the cheek.

"Sorry, I didn't, um I didn't know!" He said and ran away. Okay I feel really bad now!

"He was cute!" Eleanor grumbled pouting Sam looked at us in shock.

"What? That wasn't real? You two aren't? Well you fooled me and I'm in on your scam." He said impressed well yeah he better be!

"Yeah I thought you were gonna break his arm off!" Emily said I just shrugged

"We got put into acting classes when we were little" I said shrugging.

After the food got here I spotted My Three Musketeers, watching us. Jacob was dressed as a girl which was hilarious, Embry was in a blonde wig with sunglasses, and Quil, well let's just say I wouldn't have recognized them if it weren't for Quil. He wore a mustache! Speaking of I have to use that joke on Sam, because he actually grew a mustache!

"Hey Sam?"


"I Mustache you a question, but I think I'll shave it for later!" I said. Emily choked on her drink and looked at me shaking her head.

"Haha very Funny!" He said sarcastically

"Well of course it's funny I made it up!" I said. He rolled his eyes but I could still see a small smile. Yup! Just what I thought! He's warming up to me! "Is that a smile on Mr. Grumpy pants's face?" I teased he glared.

"Shut up, hey look it's Paul" he said okay I'm not falling for, I turned around and there he was in all his sexy glory, except he was with a blonde bimbo. Shit! Okay don't be jealous Chrissy! I looked at Eleanor and she moved closer to me, pretending to whisper something in my ear. I giggled that tickled! Hey that rhymed! Hell yeah, take that Edward Cullen! I do know how to rap! Eleanor somehow managed to sit on my lap while I wrapped my arms around her, she began feeding me. No big deal we don this all the time! We have what I would call a Sismance! You know? Like a bromance? No? Okay. I glanced up and sure enough they all looked jealous, good!

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