14| The Ex Factor

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Yhamir had his own apartment not far from the college. He used to stay in dorms but towards the end of our short lived fling, he got his own place. I had hoped he wouldn't be upset with me... I just didn't know where else to turn to. I mean, don't get me wrong, Titi was always there for me but I didn't want to have to be forced to be around my mom or pressured to go see her.

I did love her but all was not forgiven because I didn't know exactly what 'all' was. Every time I had began to accept her for what and who she was, some other shit would come out her closet of bones.

I parked my car and looked down at my phone that had just began to vibrate, it was Blair.

I let out a sigh and held my breath. "Hello...?"

"Hey WHORE! Where are you?" She asked in an excited like tone.

"Hey girl... Uhmmm I'm away right now but what's up?" I asked as I squeezed my eyes shut and maintained my breathing.

"Just checking on you, I was going to come over." She laughed.

"How were you going to leave if you're on bed rest childddd!?" I gave off a fake laugh.

"Well I missed you and I'm sure some moving around would do me justice... I mean it seems like Cody just isn't ready to come out." She laughed light heartedly.

"You're not due for another week so just be patient... And yeah I'm sorry for being so distant, it's just so much has happened..." I admitted as I sat in the parking lot of Yhamir's place.

"I mean...I know you've found a new friend in Joseline but I'm still your best friend, you know?" She questioned as if I had really hurt her feelings.

"Oh my goodness, Blair don't do that right now! Pleaseee. I'm begging you. You'll always be my best friend but don't compare yourself to other people in my life. You're pregnant and the last thing I want to do is get you worked up over my crazy ass life." I said as I bit my lip and thought about everything I hadn't told her.

It was a lot. It's like ever since the babies were taken from me, I became mute to everyone other than Joseline. I can admit that I found a new friendship with her and I believed that she understood me and how I felt. I was also able to admit to her that I still had interest in Yhamir.

Blair wouldn't have judged me but she would have gotten upset seeing that her and Trey are all back to being buddy-buddy like before I even stepped foot in Atlanta.

"I'm just saying..." She corrected. "But can you at least tell me why your boyfriend is texting and blowing me up?" She asked as she laughed.

"Mmm...We got into a fight. I'm really not trying to get into all that though." Trey and what happened just wasn't up for discussion.

"Aight, Blae.... Whatever you say...." She mumbled.

"Yeah, but I'll hit you back later when I get some things situated. Keep me updated on my little nephew. I love yall." I said in a sincere tone.

"We love you too." And with that she hung up.

I knew Blair was mad. I mean she was my best friend and she felt shut out from my life, but at this very moment I couldn't say what I felt or what was even happening because I really didn't know myself. I rubbed my face with my hands.

I decided to shoot Jos a text realizing she might be worried. I let her know that I was with Yhamir and not to be worried.

I grabbed my purse and then I took the keys out my Range Rover and hopped out. I felt as though I looked a hot mess in this plain as Chanel shirt and these short ass shorts and My exclusive all black Chanel sandals.

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