Really? (Part 1)

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"Ugh, children." Bill said grumpily, collapsing on a brown leathered sofa, you sat down quietly beside him and rested a hand on top of his shoulder, "They never know when to quit do they?"

"Bill," You giggled, "What do you expect from a 3 year old version of Mabel?" He looked at you with a bored expression, sighed then got up and walked towards the kitchen.

"Do you want a coffee?" He asked, disappearing around the corner.

"No Thankyou!" You yelled back, a few minutes later he returned, coffee and donut in hand. Once again he sat beside you, placing the plate of donuts on the arm of the couch. Steam arose from the top of the coffee as he took a sip.

"It always did surprise me," Bill said, after a few minutes, putting an arm around your shoulders,

"What?" You asked, looking towards your husband.

"Shooting Star, never thought she'd fall for Valentino, not after all that business with his parents, and the love potion of course."

"Oh, what did happen with the potion? Did it wear off?" Bill took another sip of his coffee,

"No, I was speaking to the love god recently, he broke them up, saying something about it not supposed to work out, a very intriguing man I think, rather unpleasant actually." He said, you giggled a little.

"Well next time be sure to thank him," You smiled, Bill looked down at you confused.


"For getting us together silly! He does control all the love in the world doesn't he?" You laughed, don't get me wrong Bill was incredibly smart, but sometimes things just seemed to go straight over his head.

"Psh, I'm more powerful than him, that potion wouldn't of worked." Bill said with a wave of his hand, you smirked,

"When did you start to get feelings for me?"

"When I first met you," he replied, you smiled.

"And that was?"

"2 years ago, at the...festival...heh heh." He smiled sheepishly, you lent up and kissed his cheek gently. You sighed, listening to the beat of Bills heart.

"Why don't you like kids?" You whispered, looking towards Bill with big glassy eyes.

"I just-its not like I dislike them, they are quite entertaining, but the thought had need really occurred, thats all." He said, placing his now half empty cup of coffee on the ground and stroking your hair lightly. "Why?" Your heart beat quickened, and your hands became shaky.

"N-no reason." You said quickly, he looks down to you with worry and wonder.

"(Y/N), what is it?" He asked in a soft voice, Gently pushing your flushed face towards his,

"I-I'm pregnant." You said softly, turning away from Bill, who's looked to be in shock.

"Really?" He cried, "(Y-Y/N)! This is amazing! We're gonna be parents!" He lifted you front The ground and swung you around.

"So your not mad?" You said, a smile planted on your face.

"Mad? How could I be!" He laughed, kissing you sweetly, and holding you tightly in his embrace. He gently released his grip, and wiped away a few tears strolling down your face, then holding your hands in his.

"I love you so much (Y/N)," He said,

"I love you too," You smiled, beaming with joy.

"And you too, baby." Bill said, looking towards your belly, then leaning down and kissing it lovingly.


"Boy or girl?"

You and Bill lay in bed, you sat in-between Bills legs, leaning your back on his chest, while his hands were over your belly.

"Hmm, I don't mind, maybe a boy to go on after his father, or a girl to dress up in pretty little dresses!" You squealed, Bill laughed quietly.

"Names?" You asked,

"I've always really liked the name James?" Bill answered happily,

"Me too,"

"And for a girl?"

"Gwendolyn," You smiled, "Or Gwen for short."

"Perfect." Bill sighed, kissing your cheek. "We are going to be the best parents ever."

You laughed, "Sure."


Alrightly!! Soooo, you want a part 2 or 3, or even 4?

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