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This is not my story. It's a friends work.

Max walks in like any other day. The backyard looked the same as always, except for the two boys fighting. One was a blonde and the other had black hair, Dylan and Fang. Max approached them. "Hello." The dirty blonde greeted.

"Oh my god! Hi Max! Hi Max! Max, I love you!" Dylan said.

"Back off Dylan, she's mine!" Fang warned.

"Come on Max! I'd never leave you like he did!" Dylan whined.

"You made me leave!" Fang retorted.

"HE DID WHAT?!" Max yelled.

"Yup." Fang responded.

"I just wanted you to love me Max!" Dylan breaks down crying.

"Your a baby Dylan." Fang said, coolly

"I only want what's best for Max. And that's me 'cuz I'm smexy and wear Justin Bieber pull-ups!" Dylan whined.

"I don't think you should tell so many people that Dylan." Fang said

"But Max I love y-ahhhhhh!" Dylan screamed like a girl as he fell off the cliff and forgot about his wings.

"Yeah! He's gone!" Fang yelled.

"Yeah! Let's make out!" Max shouted.

The rest of the flock came out.

"What happened?" Nudge asked.

"Dylan fell off a cliff and died." Angel said.

"What are they doing now?"

"Unspeakable things."

"That's just gross." Iggy added.

"Hey Iggy wanna make out?" Ella asked


"Hey Nudge, I was wondering-uh." Gazzy tried to get out as Nudge grabbed him and they started making out.

"I never liked Dylan." Angel said.

"No one did." Total answered.

"Well since everyone else is making out, you think we should?"

"Eh, sure."

They proceeded to make out.

And everyone lived happily ever after. Except Dylan who died.

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