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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 20 ~ Sunday Shift

"I'm so happy for you Coral! See, all you had to do was reply to him, and can you believe that now you're going out!" Hayley grinned, a skip in her step despite the freezing cold.

"I know, thank you." I smiled.

We turned around to see all the Simpson brothers, except from Phoenix quite a few steps behind us. Walter was talking to his brothers, but his eyes were on me the whole while. I had gone home to have a quick shower and change into my uniform. I had agreed to meet Hayley, Walter and Eli and whoever else who wanted to come outside my house. Landon had only come because he was meeting a girl for a date in town. Hayley had arrived early of course, and we chatted about the photo I had sent her yesterday and the way Walter had told me how he felt about me. She thought it was extremely cute.

"So it was love at first sight?" she asked beaming.

"It was for him, but it definitely wasn't for me," I said remembering the memory. "I was so scared of him; I thought he was going to kill me. I think I started falling for him when he saved me from my dad. Yeah, that's about right. After that, I couldn't stop thinking about him."

Hayley turned to look at Walter, then she looked back at me. "Awww. How far have you guys got?" she questioned.

"Just kissing, tickling, tiny bit of groping and a minimal amount of kicking," I answered her question.

"Kicking?" Hayley raised a threaded brow.

"Walter accidently kicked me last night when he was trying to get his socks off," I explained.

"You shared a bed?"

"Yeah, it was my idea...he was all for sleeping on his sofa," I said.

"Ahh I see," she hung her arm across my tiny shoulders. "My Coral is growing up."

I pushed her away laughing, "You're a virgin too and I am older than you," I reminded her.

"Well you're what? Five foot two? Not to mention pretty thin. I bet Walter is a full foot taller than you," she giggled.

"Well you know what they say about tall guys with big hands and feet," I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

She jabbed a finger at me, "Good one!"


Because we only did half days on Sundays my shift was thankfully only two hours long. I don't know what the point was, but Jonhson's Cafe needed me and I needed the money. Landon, Walter, Eli and Hayley were sitting by the window and the triplets were sitting outside in the freezing cold chatting up rather slutty girls. They would giggle at their comments and flick their hair before walking away glancing back every second. Some of them ignored them and hurried on in the icy weather. Sometimes one of the triplets would get up and pinch peoples butts, they were probably playing dares.

Not long after we arrived, a pretty exotic woman walked in, she must have been at least twenty. She had long straight hair and diamond jewellery. Despite the bitter child, she wore an elegant dress, which clung to her perfect frame. Landon stood up as soon as they spotted each other, and he walked out with his hand resting on her curvy behind. Landon's type of girls was not the cheap trashy kind I would have suspected. But rather the rich beautiful sort judging from his date. That woman had diamonds the size of mini eggs on her ears alone.

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