4th of July contuine

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Hope's POV

After we finished eating, we started talking some more. "Can I please have everyone's attention, Hope and myself have some great news, In about 8 months or so we will have a new addition added to our family and as most of you know I also asked Hope to become my wife and she said yes." Jason said, his eyes lit up as he said it. "Congratulations." everyone said. "Jason and myself are very happy to be able to share the news with all our friends." I said, "We are so happy for you both and we can all tell that Jason is happy, that's all that we want for him and you." Luke said. "Thanks, that means a lot." I said. We hung out some more talking snacking the guys played horseshoes and bean bag toss and the women just sat around talking. Why we were talking someone walked up. "Who in the world is that?" Caroline said. " Are you kidding me, what in the world is she doing here." I said. "Who is that?" She asked. "One of Jason's ex's Brittany." I said getting up. "Where is Jason, I need to talk to him." Brittany said. "It's none of your business where he is and you need to leave." I said. "Who are you to tell me I need to leave?" She said getting in my face. "You are on our property so I am allowed to tell you to leave." I said. "You don't own this house so you can't say I'm allowed to be here or not and anyways maybe Jason invited me to come." She said " Jason doesn't want you here and neither do any of us." I said. Just then she ball up her fist and hits me. "You want to be a bitch I can show you how much of a bigger one I can be." Brittany said. "You are lucky that I'm pregnate or I'd beat your ass." I said holding the side of my face.  Jason comes out of the house. "What's going on out here." Jason said. "Jason, I've missed you so much." She said running up to him and throwing her arms around him. "Get off me, and what the fuck are you doing here." Jason said coming over to me. "You know I missed you and wanted to see you." She said. "I don't miss you and you need to leave." Jason said. "But, Jason." She said and starts to throw a fit. "Baby, are you OK?" Jason asked me. "Yes, the stupid bitch hit me and she is lucky that I'm pregnate cuz I'd beat her ass." I said. "Jason I love you and I want you back." Brittany said. "Well, I don't love you so you need to leave now or else." Jason said. "You know you still want to be with me." She said. "You are the one who fucked up and lost him and now you want to be a home-wreaking bitch and I won't let that happen." I said. "You think your all big and bad but you ain't shit." Brittany said. "Why don't you take your dumb ass self and leave and let me and Jason be happy." I said. Just then with no warning she kicked me right in the stomach. I hit the ground. Then she walked off. Jason drops down and grabs me. "Omg Hope." Jason said  I started crying from the pain and grabbed my stomach. "Jason you need to get her to the hospital." Caroline said. "I'll clean up and meet you guys there." Luke said. Jason picks me up and gets me in the truck. "We will keep the girls and they can ride with us to the hospital." Luke said. "Thanks bud see you in a bit." Jason said. He gets in the truck and we take off.

Jason's POV

We were on the way to the hospital and I could see that Hope was in a lot of pain. "Babe, I'm scared." She said crying so I grabbed her hand. "I'm going to be right by you through this and I'm not going any where." I said. We get to the hospital and I grabbed a chair and put Hope in it. We go in and I get Hope checked in. The wait seemed like a life time. Finally we got called back. I shot Luke a message and told him we got to the back, thanks for cleaning up and for taking the girls, I'm scared and I'll let you know what's going on when I find out more. Me and Caroline have things under control and the girls are fine we will keep them as long as we need to. We got your back and are praying everything is OK. I put my phone in my pocket and moved over by Hope. The doctor came in. "Hello I'm Dr Danielson, I was just reading up on your chart and wanted to let you know that we are going to give you a exam to make sure everything is OK with the baby, it said that you were kicked in your stomach is that right." He asked. "Yes." She siad. "Alright it be a few and we will get back to you." The Dr said. "Thanks." I said "Are you having any stomach pain?" He asked "yes I am." Hope said. "I'll be back in as soon as I can." He said walking out of the room. "Thank you." I said. The wait for the Dr to come back took what seem like forever but finally they came back. They started the test they said they do and they said it be a bit for the test to come back. Why we waited I sat on the bed next to Hope. Luke shot me a text to let me know they were there. The girls were worried about Hope but so was everyone else. Luke is here with the girls. I told Hope. She was dosing off. "They can come back if they want." Hope said. "I'll be right back babe." I said. I left the room and walked to the waiting room and to my surprise everyone who was at the house was in the waiting room. "How is she doing?" Caroline asked. "She has a lot of pain, she said that you and Luke and the girls can come back if you want we are just waiting on the test to come back." I said. "Daddy,is mommy hope OK?" Kendyl asked. My heart sank what was I going to say to the girls since we didn't really know much right now. "Right now mommy Hope is having tummy troubles." I said. "Can we go see her." The girls asked. Myself Luke Caroline and the girls went to the room. "Mommy." The girls jumped in the bed with Hope and gave her big hugs. She hugged the girls and started to cry. After a while the Dr came in. "The test came back and we have not so good news." My heart dropped. Due to the such strong kick that you got to the stomach I am very sorry but it made you loose the baby. I am so sorry." He said walking out of the room. It was silent for a bit Hope was crying and hugging the girls. Another nurse came in with the release papers and gave Hope some proscription for some medicine for the pain. Why didn't I stop her before she kicked Hope, I could feel tears in my eyes but I just blinked them away. I need to be strong for Hope. We got around to leave. "Caroline, would you guys come back to the house for a bit please." Hope said. "We can do that." She said. "Thank-you" she said. The drive home was a quiet one I was lost for words what could I say to help her even just a little. I figured I'd break the silence. "Hope, I'm so sorry." I said "Jason, this isn't your fault." She said staring out the window. "I love you." I said. "I love you too." She said. All I wanted to do was hold her and never let her go. She was my everything and nothing was going to change that. The rest of the ride home was quiet. When we finally got home we got out of the truck and went in. Luke and Caroline came back with the girls. "How is she doing?" Luke asked. "Not much has been said since leaving the hospital, I was going to see if you ride with me to get the scrips filled." I said. "How about I take Hope and we go get them filled and me and her can have some girl time maybe it will help her feel better if she has another women to talk too." Caroline said. "That's fine if she be up to going." I said. "I'll go talk to her." Caroline said going in the house.

Hope's POV

I was in the kitchen doing things to keep my mind off the news I received and trying not to cry when Caroline come in the kitchen. "Hey." She said "Hi." I said as I sat down on a bar stool. She came over and sat beside me. "So its been a long day for you how would you like if me and you go out for a bit just the two of us?" She asked me. "What about the girls?" Jason and Luke have them and Jason said it be alright if we go for a bit we think it would help get your mind off things." Caroline said. "Alright sounds good just let me go freshen up and I'll be right out I said. " Alright I'll wait for you outside." She said. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and Jason walks in behind me. "There is my beautiful baby girl." He said putting his arms around me. That made me smile just a little bit. I turned around and put my arms around Jason. "Thanks for being there for me through all of this." I said. "I told you I would and I'm not backing down from that your my everything and nothing is going to change that because I love you and these past 2 months that we have been together has been the best and I wouldn't want to share it with anyone else." Jason said. "Jason, you are amazing and that is only the beginning of why I love you, I know we will get through this it just take time, I know how happy you were when you told all your friends that we have a little one on the way, I'm scared that it's going to make you not want to be with me." I said lowering my head and start to cry again. "Hope I promise that this is not going to change nothing between us." Jason said he leans in and kisses me and it was like the first time so sweet and passionately. He holds me for a while. "I love you Jason!" I said "I love you too!" He said. "I guess I better finish up so I can get down stairs before she thinks I forgot her." I said. "I'm sure she won't think that, but here is some money so you can have a relaxing day cuz I know you could use it." Jason said handing me some money. "You don't have to do that." I said "I know I don't have too but I want too." He said giving me that sexy smile. "Thanks babe, are you sure you will be alright with the girls?" I said "Me and Luke have it under control we only have a few days left til they get picked up and it give me time with them too, I think we might take them and Luke's boys fishing it be something they all will enjoy." Jason said. He leaves the room and I finish up and head down stairs. I grab the papers I got from the hospital and head out the door. "Sorry it took so long me and Jason got talking." I said "It's alright." Caroline said. I give Jason a hug and kiss and then the girls run up to give me a hug. "Mommy Hope are you OK, I seen you crying and I don't like to see you cry." Keeley said. "I'm alright sweetheart." I said. "We love you." The girl said. "I love you guys too." I said getting into the car. We left and headed for the girls day it consisted of shopping, spa treatment getting nails done just a relaxing time and gave me and Caroline some time to really get to know each other. We became good friends which was great since Luke and Jason was best friends. We ended the day of getting Starbucks and then headed home. We got home and Luke and Caroline headed out. It was late so we all called it a night.

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