Chapter 1.

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"Girl, you will never believe what I just heard!" Ivory yelled into my ear, nearly giving me a heart attack while she sat down next to me in class.

"I'm pretty sure you just blew my eardrums." I cringed.

"Guess who got arrested last week?"

"Probably you." The most obvious answer to anyone who knew Ivory, she was a wild child.

She rolled her eyes and flicked her dip-dyed blue hair back. "It was just one time."

"You peed right in front of a cop car!" I laughed.

"Hey! I didn't think there were actually cops in the car, it was parked! And when a bitch needs to go, she needs to go." She tried to reason.

"And you tried making out with the cops to get out of it, you're so classy." I ruffled her hair in my fit of laughter.

"I'm fabulous." She smirked. "Anyway, do you want to know what I have to tell you or not?"

"Fine, go ahead." I tucked my brunette hair behind my hair

"It was your boyfriend." She smirked.

My whole face heated up and a huge blush crept up onto my cheeks. "For the millionth-billionth and trillionth time, he's not my boyfriend!" I whisper yelled so the rest of the class wouldn't hear.

"Sandy, hunny, it's okay, I'm into delinquents too." She held her hand over her heart and innocently smiled.

"But I don't—"

"He does have amazing bone structure."

"I don't —"

"And the cutest dimples." She sighed dramatically sighed.

"Ivory, will you—"

"Oh, and his hair is just divine."

I rolled my eyes and stopped listening to her as the teacher walked into history class.

The 'delinquent' that Ivory was referring to as my 'boyfriend' was none other than was Chase and no, he wasn't my boyfriend. Well, I mean technically he was, considering when we were both 10, he asked me to be his and I quote "pocket full of sunshine" and I answered happily with a yes, and that concluded the last time we both ever spoke.

It was a tragic love story.

"Girl, did you hear that Chase got arrested a few weeks ago?" One girl pestered her friend as I sat down in my usual spot behind them while dumping my bag    onto the desk and sitting down quietly.

"What? Seriously?" Her friend's eyes widened in curiosity

Denise nodded her head. "Yeah, apparently he was caught beating the shit out of some guy. He's in hospital now!" She kept on going.

Charisse looked at Denise in disbelief. "Why though?" She asked.

"That guy began threatening Chase and Chase completely lost it..."

I leaned back in my chair and sighed. Again, one of the school bad boys had been arrested. I really wasn't that surprised. They were dangerous. The whole school would cower in fear if one of the boys even looked in they're direction.

Chase, Drew, Josh and Taylor.

They were the 'Dangerous Four' and really, I was sick of them. They harassed everyone in the school. They would beat people up who would just do the smallest of things wrong. They were total stuck-up dickheads. And a girl like me could never stand up to them. As much as I did want to, I don't think going up to them and calling them 'stuck-up dickheads' would get me anywhere but the hospital.

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