Chapter One. (Updated)

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Here we go, I'm actually so nervous right now.

From the beginning,  the new version of this story :)


"Sandy! You will never believe what I just heard!" Ivory yelled into my ear, nearly giving me a heart attack while she sat down next to me in class.

"I'm pretty sure you just blew my eardrums out." I cringed while rubbing my ear.

"Guess who got arrested last week?" Why was she so damn bubbly this cold morning?

"Probably you." The most obvious answer to anyone who knew this wild child.

She rolled her eyes and flicked her pastel blue her over her shoulder. "It was just one time, loser."

"Twice, do you not remember what happened three months ago?"

"Oh yeah." She played with her hair while in la la land. "That was a fun night."

"Yeah, you peed right in front of a cop car!" I laughed.

"The car was parked! How was I supposed to know there was actually people in there?" She tried to reason.

"Do you remember how you tried making out with the cops to get out of it? Teach me your ways, oh classy one." I ruffled her hair in my fit of laughter.

She began fix her blue hair. I was always so jealous of how outgoing she was, I could never dye my hair a different colour. "Anyway, do you want to know what I have to tell you or not?"

"Fine, go ahead." I tucked my brunette hair behind my ear and gave her my full attention.

"It was your boyfriend." She sang.

My face slowly began to get heated up and a blush crept up onto my cheeks. "Oh dear lord, not this again, he is not my boyfriend." I whisper yelled so the rest of the class wouldn't hear.

"Sandy, hunny, it's okay, I'm into delinquents too." She held her hand over her heart and innocently smiled.

"But I don't—"

"He does have amazing bone structure." She continued

"I don't —"

"And talk about a sharp jawline."

"Shut up--"

"As well as those cute dimples." She dramatically sighed.

"I'm so done with your shit—"

"Oh, and his beard is just divine."

I smiled and rolled my eyes at this over-dramatic drama queen and stopped listening to her as the teacher walked into history class.

The 'delinquent' that Ivory was referring to as my 'boyfriend' was none other than Chase and no, he wasn't my boyfriend. Well, I mean technically he was considering when we were both 10, he asked me to be his and I quote "pocket full of sunshine" and handed me a pretty flower. I answered happily with a yes and he gave me a peck on the lips and went on his merry way, taking my first kiss with him. Now that ladies and gentlemen, concludes the last time we both ever spoke to one another.

It was a tragic love story.

Chase, and is three friends, Drew, Taylor and Josh both are known as the resident 'bad boys' of this town. They run havoc everywhere they go, they fight everyone, steal cars, walk around like they're royalty and probably jerk each other off too. They've made quite a reputation for themselves; with the police that is. They're probably best friends with them by now considering the amount of times they've been arrested. These four don't really interact with us normal, mere mortals and generally just stick with each other, making a witty comment here and there in class. 

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