Chapter 4 - Red

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The Reapers' clubhouse was already in full party mode when Red got back from his ride. He'd burned almost a quarter tank of fuel during the six hours of straight highway riding he'd done. Usually a long hard ride could clear his head of anything, but this time it barely made a dent in his current state. This made it difficult for him to keep his annoyance in check as he wove his way through his drunken brothers and their heavily intoxicated, barely dressed whores. Red had never been one for random hookups, especially with one of the club's hang-around sluts. No one paid him any attention as he passed through, but Michael Shannon stopped him in the hallway entrance.
"Hey Red. How'd it go with the ladies today?"
Red smirked, his eyes darkening.
"Their VP is a bitch. I doubt they'll say yes. What are we doing when they decline our offer?"
"Torching their shop. We'll wait a couple days after they give their answer, that way we might still have the element of surprise."
Red nodded his head in agreement and continued on to his room for a much needed shower.

When he'd finally scrubbed the dust and sweat from his skin he emerged from the steamy bathroom and wasted no time getting dressed. He knew there was only one thing he could do before his confusion over Rogue got the best of him: talk to his mom.

Red's mother was a force of nature. She'd raised four kids, three boys and a girl, alongside their mostly-absent MC President father. They had been raised to think like outlaws, but act like regular people. Oh, and his mother was also a witch.

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