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The Stallion Press

3 weeks.

3 games.

3 wins.

The Stallions go undefeated!

By: Dakota Evans

The Basketball Team won three games in a row, during home games. They’re on fire despite the cold weather. Nothing can be said about their attitude, though, because it’s as high as the bird soaring in the sky. Or is it their heads? continued on page 3 . . .


MVHS’ Football team went undefeated in the season until they lost the most recent game. It is said that they simply lost their energy on the last game because of the insecurities they have on the Basketball team. Will this start a rivalry between both of the teams, even though they carry the same name of the school? Is there even truth to the rumors that is continuously spreading?continued on page 4 . . .


I read this week’s issue of The Stallion Press out of boredom. I glanced at Alyson and saw that she was taking pictures of the empty Football Field.

We were currently sitting at the bleachers, waiting for Coach Watkins to come.

It had been three weeks since that night at the park. Nothing had changed much. The athletic people were still the popular kids in school, while I was still the same old nerd. You can say that it was the usual jungle in school.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed being the Editor-In-Chief of the school paper. It somehow gave me a reason for anything that I did.

I smiled, evilly laughing in my head.

I turned my eyes to the paper again. It was such a big gossip in school if the rumors were true. That was why Alyson and I were here to confirm it with Coach Watkins – the coach of the Football team. I had a big guess to what led their insecurities if ever the rumors were true.

It started when Aaron had led his team to win three times in a row for the past month. After the first game, the school faculty was so happy that they decided to celebrate the Basketball team’s first win, while they just congratulated the Football team without any party poppers or whatever they did in celebrations.

Everyone was congratulating Aaron and his twerps for their second victory, while the Football team was easily forgotten – even though they were undefeated since September. And then last week, the Football team's latest game was scheduled at the exact time and date with the Basketball team’s third game.

So when the date came, no one watched the Football team’s game. Well, not really no one. But their family and friends showed up. That counted for something, right? But then, the Basketball court was packed with people. Some even had to stand the whole game.

If I was included in the Football team, I’d be humiliated by that.

That was when the rumors started that some of the guys from the Football team would be glad to have a chance to whip Aaron. I really didn’t get why he was the target since he was just a player. Okay, so he was the Captain of the team. So what? It wasn't like he forced those people to watch them play.

Anyway, they were having another game this Saturday, before Thanksgiving. I could tell from Aaron’s eyes that he wasn't worried at all.

When had he been worried about anything? He always took things rationally. Let’s just say that he wasn't your typical jock – despite his cheerleader girlfriend, his bossiness, his cockiness, and the fact that he knew he looked good, of course.

I sighed. It had been an hour after school and Coach Watkins was still not here. I was very sure that they had Football practice today.

And as if right on cue, the Football players started arriving. But Coach Watkins wasn’t with them. I turned to Alyson in irritation.

“Where the hell is Coach Watkins?” I demanded.

I was pissed off because I felt like I was wasting my time. See, this was the reason why I didn’t like being too active in school. What was the point in being active, anyway? It wasn't like I'd get any awards or prizes from this.

“Chill, Dakota,” said Alyson softly. “He’ll be here any moment. Let’s wait a little bit more.”

I snorted. “Yeah, let’s wait here for another hour,” I grumbled.

I turned my eyes toward the players. I caught Ben Stanley looking at me. Not really looking. More like glaring. He was holding a football in his hands. When he saw me looking at him, he glowered and smirked (I don’t know how he did both at once but that’s really what I saw him do) at the same time.

Ben Stanley was known for his hot-tempered attitude. He was a junior. Despite his behavior, he was a good Football player. Not gross-looking either. Too bad his attitude had to ruin his reputation of good-looks and skills.

He was also one the guys from the team that was said to hate Aaron. Hmmm . . . Was that the reason why he was glaring at me now? I mean, I hadn’t done anything wrong to him. He must know that I was Aaron’s best friend. Seriously, who didn’t?

I suddenly felt a nudge from Alyson. I looked at her, breaking eye contact from Ben. She was already standing.

“Coach Watkins is here,” she said as she pointed down the field.

I followed her eyes and saw that she was right. I automatically stood up, grabbing my bag and recorder.

“Let’s go, Allie,” I said, rapidly climbing down the stairs.

And then, everything went black.


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