Chapter Thirty-Seven - Almost

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Chapter Thirty-Seven - Almost

Now we've got a big, big mess on our hands tonight.

-The Academy Is...

When I woke the next morning, I found myself surrounded by the Charlens' family. Perhaps it was the sound of Terry and Ashton arguing that stirred me, or perhaps it was the strong smell of Mark's espresso, but either way I was up and fully alert. I cleared my throat to get their attention.

Roman was sleeping on the couch in the corner of the room. I couldn't help but feel bad when I saw him. He looked awfully uncomfortable. Donna was hovering above him, adjusting the blanket draped over him so that it covered his arms properly.

"SJ!" Terry was the first to notice that I was awake. "You're up! So what happened last night?"

"Terry." Mark said in a firm voice. "What did I just tell you two minutes ago?"

Terry pouted, "It was worth a try."

I frowned in confusion, what had Mark told him? I glanced at Mark curiously and he said, "We'll talk later."

He knew what had happened to me last night. There was no other way. Part of me felt relief, I could finally confide in Mark about the greenhouse. The other part of me was concerned, what happened to me last night was bound to change things. I wondered if Mark would send me away to protect his family. It was the rational thing to do.

Donna approached me with a gentle look in her eyes, "Honey, I'm so glad you're up. The doctor said you could leave in a couple of hours. I'll go fetch her so she can check up on you."

Ashton came over and sat next to me on the bed. "Hey, how you holding up?"

"I have a bit of a headache, but I'm okay." I answered honestly.

"We were all worried about you." He said. "Dad says you can't tell us what happened but you'll tell me, right?"

"Ashton." Mark growled behind his son. "You do realize I am still in the room? Enough harassing Sam. The next person to ask her about last night is grounded."

"Aw." Both Terry and Ashton groaned in unison.

"It's not fair. Roman knows." Terry glanced at his passed out brother.

"Yes, well he wasn't supposed to know, either." Mark answered, "And unlike you two, Roman actually knows how to keep his mouth shut."

It was probably the first time that Mark considered Roman the responsible one in a situation. Too bad he wasn't even up to witness it.

Donna returned with a doctor in tow. The middle age woman smiled at me, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. "Good morning, Samantha-Jade. My name is Dr. Freeburg. I see your family has already arrived."

"Yes." Mark answered for me. "Do you need us to leave the room?"

"Please, I'd like to ask Sam some questions and it would be best if we had some privacy."

"Do you need me to wake my son up?" Mark glanced at Roman.

"No." I protested quickly. "He's exhausted, let him sleep."

Dr. Freeburg turned to look at Roman sleeping on the couch. She smiled gently, "I doubt he will be a problem."

Mark nodded in response and ushered his other sons out of the room. Donna shot me a reassuring smile before following them outside. She closed the door behind her. Dr. Freeburg asked me about the night before and I fed her the same lie that Roman had told me. She prodded my skull before flashing a light in my eyes. She jotted some things down into a folder and told me I was free to leave in an hour.

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