33. Flat

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*guys stop asking me to make my chapters longer! I can't! They would be terrible if they were longer! They're short and get straight to the point not long and drawn out! Update: Wednesday unless otherwise specified. Also ill always put who's POV it is so you don't need to guess xx*

33. Flat.

Harry's POV

"You don't think I'm good enough to have actually won. So you take a trip out of curiousty and wind yourself in a hospital with a chunk of your hair shaved off and bruise the size of the Titanic on your leg." I shook my head of anger keeping my voice just below an inside voice. "Why?!"

"Because I didn't think you'd go into a ring with Jamie. I was curious as to who you were fighting but when Ferg came in and you hammered me about Jamie I knew something was up."

"He could've raped you-" I paused, "again! Or he could've killed you." I made sure she understood. She nodded at me.

"Maybe if you just stayed." She whispered against my lips. I picked her up bridal style in my arms as she laid her head against my chest. I laid her on the couch and kissed her forehead. She snuggled in trying to find a comfortable medium between her bruised leg and her banged up head. She watched as I put my shirt back on and was about to leave but she whispered silently catching my attention.

"Stay." She pleaded. I turned around and looked at her. She looked so helpless. You could see when she walked she had a limp and although she had the small shaved spot on the back of her head she still looked incredible. And as mad as I was I did stay. I laid next to her on the couch. Holding her to my body. She tried to squirm around to be face to face with me but I held her waist tight to mine not wanting to give in. As angry as I was, and as much as I wish she hadn't gotten hurt, I have no regrets. Jamie got exactly what he deserved. If it wasn't a fight that was watched over by a referee Jamie wouldn't have made it out alive.

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