Chapter 8

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Y'all most of this shit is trash and is just fighting💀
Y/n Pov:

It was him. Looking into his eyes, felt like looking into the ocean.

"Take them NOW" I heard Aizawa yell. I hurried up, turn around, and told the kids to go to the back. We went inside the safety room. I pressed the button on the wall to alert the authorities about what was happening. I got ready to go back to where Aizawa was to help him, even tho I didn't go back because i didn't want to see him.

"You guys stay here" I said

"Shouldn't we be helping tho" Izuku said.

"If anything goes out of hand you guys can come but right now everything is under control." I said. I left the safety room and ran back to the main entrance. When I got there, Vlad King  had the villians Twice and Mr.Compras contained by using his quirk. Aizawa was using his scarf to try to contained the nomu. The other two villains Toga and Dabi was nowhere in sight.

"They ran that way" Vlad King said while point towards the door. I guess they went outside. I use my quirk to flew in that direction. I got outside and look around and didn't see anyone. Then all of a sudden Toga came from above and jump down onto me. I move to the side and tried to make a rope with light but it was dark outside so I didn't have enough energy.

"Hi Angelic" Toga said weirdly while smiling "I couldn't wait to meet you to have your blood"

"Bitch is you a vampire?" I said. Then she pulled out a knife and started chasing me. I used my wings to fly away. Since it was darker outside I couldn't fly as fast as I can in daylight. Toga then started using her flying needles to try to catch me.

While one was coming towards me I grab it with my hand. I then pulled her towards me so I can use close range combat. Once she was close she tried to stab me but I grab her arm to restrain her. I use the little light and energy that was in the air to make a rope strong enough to hold her.

"You really thought you won huh?" She said giggling like a little ass kid

"I know you not talkin when yo ass tied up" I said. I looked to my right and saw some big ass blue flames coming my way. I quickly use my wings to fly upwards so the flames wouldn't get me. I flew up to the roof of the dorm building. I looked down and saw Toga breaking free from my rope. The rope was weaker because it kept getting darker.

I saw Toga running away so I tried to fly down to capture her but then, I saw more big ass fuckin blue flames blocking my way. I looked down and it was Dabi's fine ass down there using his quirk. 'I really hate this nigga' I thought to myself. He made more flames go my way so I was dodging them. I saw Toga running so I decided to still go after her but I couldn't because Dabi's dumbass flames was blocking.

"ANGELIC" I heard someone say on the ground. It was Uraraka. Why the fuck was she here. I'm not tryna be rude but her ass can't do shit.

"What are you doing here?" I yelled. I rushed down there so I can get her but then I notice she was melting. Togas quirk. 'I'm so fuckin stupid' I thought.

I was already super close to her so she got her knife and slice my arm. She tried to stab me but I use my wings as a shield. I grab her arm and got the knife. When I was about the get her a black whole appeared and suck her in.

"Til next time" She said smiling and taking the blood off my arm.


Next day...

I was at UA for a meeting about what happen.

"How the hell did they get in?" I ask. "I thought UA was suppose to have extra security after what happen last time.

"Well we think it came from somebody inside of UA. If it was someone on the outside the alarm would of stay on and not turn off" The rat principle said

"We also think we have a reason for why the came there" He said "They were trying to get to Angelic."


After the meeting I decided I wanted to go to my beach house instead of my apartment. When I'm stress out and I want some piece and quiet I go here.

I walk in and went to the refrigerator to get a water. All I could think about was what the principal said. They were after me. My mind went to Dabi thinking what if they was there because of him. He been on my mind every since that night at the bar.

"Fuck it" I said. I really wanted to see him. I took out the note that had his number on it. I decided I want to text him because I hate calling people Iwasn't close with.

Come to this address
222 beach lane

Now who is ?

Nigga you know who it is be here before 8

Chapter 8 done ✅
Sorry y'all this took so long I been so fuckin tired😭
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beach house

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beach house

beach house

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